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A Brief History of GCS/ SRS

For thousands of years the hjras in India have been performing what could be labelled as the first – yet quite incomplete – genital reassignment surgery in history. They call it nirvan or nirwaan and it consist of the removal of the penis and the testes. Still practiced today, though it is officially banned, it shows that the 3rd gender has been part of Indian life and society ever since Hinduism existed, since these rites stem from the hinduistic vedas. Only when the English invaded India this part of Indian society was banned and forced to go underground because it was declared inappropriate, unfit and unnatural. Read More…

GCS/SRS Techniques Overview

According to Dr. Kaushik, in our age and time, a surgeon’s goal of successful FtM GCS/ SRS should meet the following criteria:

  • create a naturally looking vulva with all regualar aspects of a female vulva
  • create a fully sensate clitoris with a natural appearance and orgasmic capability
  • create a vagina which remains patent (stays this way) till the maximum possible depth Read More…

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