Awards and Recognitions

Transgender Hair transplant Photo Gallery

Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kaushik has been awarded PRS Global Open 2020 Best Paper Award: Best Southeast Asian Paper

Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kaushik has been awarded Best Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon by SMT. Pratibha Patil (Former President of India)

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

In 2015, Dr Kaushik was awarded the best cosmetic surgeon in delhi by karishma kapoor (Well known Bollywood actress)

Gem of India Award

In Picture, Shahnaz Husain (Well Known Indian Female Entrepreneur) giving Gem of India Award to Dr kaushik for his Contribution in Cosmetic Surgery

National Citizen Award

Dr kaushik was awarded Outstanding National Citizen Award for Contribution in Cosmetic Surgery

Award for Excellence

Award of Excellence in Plastic and Transgender Surgery for Nations Building by RAJA MURAD (Bollywood Actor)

Quality Award

Award for Quality Healthcare services From Anil Shastri Ji (Former Finance Minister of India)

On Tv(Prime Time)

Prime Time Interviewing Dr Kaushik After Award Ceremony

ISAPS Certification

All Time Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

National Citizen Award

National Citizens Guild (Outstanding National Citizen Award)

Global Lifestyle Award

Olmec Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre Getting Global Lifstyle Award

IBMS Certified

Olmec is Certified as All Time Member of International Board of Medicine and Surgery, USA

Gem of India

Gem of India Award to Dr kaushik in All India Achievers Conference


Recognised by International Institutes