Sigma-Lead Surgery Results

Sigma-Lead (Sex Change Surgery) Results

Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS outcome of a 29-year-old MtF patient from India resulting in a vaginal depth of 8 inches

  • The overall necessary dilatation schedule with soft and rigid dilators for the patient was 6 months
  • The patient is extremely happy with her clitoris and outer genitalia
  • Clearly visible well-defined labia minora with a yielding natural introitus
  • Over time the vaginal mucosa will gain a normal pinkish color as being demonstrated in picture 3
  • The patient is married and claims to have normal sexual desire experiencing female erotic pleasure and female orgasms

Result with well-defined clitoris, labia majora and minora

Left-hand finger pointing at the clearly visible clitoris

Vaginal opening showing proper looking vaginal mucosa (Sigma-Lead mucosa)

Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS result of a 40-year-old MtF patient from South Africa

  • The picture shows the hairless inner surface of the labia minora and depicts a clearly visible clitoris and the clitoral hood.
  • The vaginal introitus showing the mucosa covered lining can be appreciated
  • Vaginal depth achieved: 9 inches

Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS result of a 30-year-old MtF patient

  • The patient is extremely happy with the results
  • The clitoris is clearly visible and was made slightly oversized as per patient’s desire
  • Vaginal depth achieved: 9 inches, allowing for proper sexual intercourse of the patient



27-year-old MtF patient from Nepal who received cosmetic GCS/SRS following Sigma-Lead vaginoplasty 1 year later

  • The patient completed her dilation regimen until 6 months post-op with no further dilation necessary
  • Vaginal depth achieved: fully functional 8 inches
  • 2-year follow-up picture sent by the patient

Before Surgery

After Sigma-Lead Surgery

Demonstrating vaginal depth after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS

Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS outcome of a 23-year-old MtF patient from the Philippines resulting in a vaginal depth of 9 inches



26-year-old MtF patient from Singapore after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS

  • This case shows an excellent result of an MtF patient from Singapore, achieving aesthetically pleasing genitalia with an 8 inches deep vagina using Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS
  • The pictures were taken two years after surgery when the patient returned for her FFS/FGC
  • The patient followed the dilation schedule for an initial six months and no longer needs dilation and enjoys normal sexual intercourse
  • Overall the patient is quite pleased with genitalia that are of female appearance and which are fully functional and sensate

Dilator before insertion, well defined labia and the clitoral complex can be seen

Dilator inserted halfway, by parting the labia majora, the inner hairless labia minora and normal sized clitoris underneath the clitoral hood are clearly visible

Dilator inserted fully, assessing vaginal depth

48-year-old MtF patient from the UK after ILEAL (small intestine) vaginoplasty

  • Dilation is started with soft dilators after surgery and rigid dilators are being added to the dilation regimen at a later date
  • These pictures were taken 3 weeks after the surgery during her dilation training session
  • Well defined labia majora, labia minora, and the clitoral complex can be seen
  • She is planning to have a fat grafting session at a later date to improve and rejuvenate the labia majora appearance

initial soft dilator insertion

Soft dilator inserted halfway

Soft dilator fully inserted

After the soft dilator insertion the process gets repeated using a rigid dilator

Rigid dilator easily inserted fully

27-year-old MtF patient from Indonesia after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS

  • The pictures show an excellent result of a Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS displaying cosmetically pleasing external genitalia on top of a fully functional and sensate vagina with a vaginal depth of 9 inches
  • Result pictures shown were taken two years after her Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS
  • The patient followed the dilatation schedule for an initial four month time period
  • OLMEC’s full Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS results in a sensate clitoris, a sensate clitoral hood, and hairless labia minora. Labia majora and labia minora are well defined and they reach down to the vaginal entrance to cover it well
  • The patient is married and enjoys an absolutely normal sex life including orgasms

54-year-old MtF patient from the USA after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS

  • In these pictures the patient performs dilation herself 2 weeks after the Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS surgery

At the beginning of the dilation regimen, the soft dilator gets deflated first before it gets inserted into the vagina

After the soft dilator is fully inserted it gets inflated by releasing the vacuum to expand the vagina

Soft dilator inserted halfway

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