Our Vision Of How We Want To Care For You Has Come True.....

Designing Olmec Healthcare Hospital

We started out designing our new Olmec Healthcare Hospital with lots of ideas for the facility and for amenities we wanted to see in it based on our previous experiences. We wanted all of that to become a reality for our patients and all Olmec staff members. After a two years planning stage, the groundbreaking ceremony was held on 01.10.2016 and the inauguration of our new Olmec Transgender Healthcare Hospital building was celebrated on 07.04.2019 with a large group of illustrious high-profile guests.

Olmec is a transgender-specific hospital you can trust and will feel safe in. After staying with us you surely will confirm – that everyone at Olmec completely and with their whole heart embraces transgender individuals – housekeeping, our wonderful and loveable kitchen staff, our security staff, and all of our dedicated and caring nurses and doctors – we make sure you feel at home at our place when you stay with the Olmec family. And if you visit us from outside India, you will enjoy our Olmec Indian hospitality and we are sure you will fall in love with it.

Our 6 storied and 2250 square meters complex houses:

  • Basement: 5 administrative offices and the video testimonial room
  • Ground floor: parking space and guard desk
  • Upper Ground floor: reception area, client waiting area, in-house pharmacy, main consultation rooms for Dr. Narendra Kaushik and Dr. Sunanda Kaushik, administrative
  • 1st floor: 6 VIP rooms, patient lounge, resident medical officer (RMO) room
  • 2nd floor: 2 VIP rooms, 2 semi-private rooms (2 beds), 2 economy wards (3-4 beds), laser hair removal treatment room – we offer your choice of diode laser or neodymium laser (Nd:YAG laser operating on longer pulse 1064 nm) and IPL treatments
  • 3rd floor: 2 fully modular operating theaters (OTs), one small OT for minor interventions, an intensive care unit (ICU), and the post-op recovery room
  • 4th floor: open rooftop terrace and hospital kitchen as well as the space for the power generator unit supplying a 12-hour electricity emergency backup (Delhi usually has 24×7 electricity supply but we want our doctors, surgeons, and patients to always be on the safe side)

All of our patient rooms have 24×7 nurse care and also:

  • Central AC and an air purifier
  • Remote controlled and fully adjustable hospital beds
  • Free water out of water stations on every floor where the water gets reverse osmosis filtered and then gets mineralized and energized to provide our patients with the finest high-quality water available.
  • Complimentary stay for the attendant of the patient in the room

It is your choice of any of our 3 room categories:

8 VIP Private Rooms
Our single bed VIP room features a private bathroom, free wifi (international patients only), cable TV, a refrigerator, a personal safe, builtin closet and cabinets, and a sleeping couch for a patient attendant/ companion.

2 VIP Semi-Private (double bed) Rooms
Our semi-private VIP room features a bathroom, cable TV, built-in closet and cabinets, and sleeping couch for the patient attendant/ companion.

2 Economy Wards (3/ 4 bed) rooms
Our economy wards feature a shared bathroom, cable TV, built-in closet and cabinets, and a sleeping couch for each patient‘s attendant/

Delhi generally delivers a 24×7 electricity power supply. Yet, Olmec has its own electricity backup generator that will deliver an up to 24-hour electricity supply for the whole building in case of a power outage.

Your culinary needs will be met by either your meal choice from our selection of high-quality restaurants nearby, offers from our own Olmec kitchen, or by preparing meals yourself in our kitchen/ lounge area. No matter your choice, you will enjoy your meals as long as you are with us.

Our lounge kitchen area is a very special place here at Olmec. It is the meeting point for all of our international patients. They get to know their individual stories and bond over food and the surgery experiences they share. Lasting friendships from all corners of the world got formed here and we are sure this will continue – so be prepared to make some friends here, if you want to. Patients also share recipes and enjoy watching others cook their favorite meals. To make it short – if you want to meet people and maybe you want to get your mind off whatever it is busy with – the Olmec lounge is the place to go to make you feel better.

Another place you will especially enjoy here at Olmec is our rooftop terrace with its rooftop garden. You get a wonderful view over the area surrounding Olmec from up there and the bountiful and striking colors of the flowers and plants growing there will fill your soul with joy. Oftentimes patients go there to find some time of solace or to just let their thoughts drift and reminisce about what has been happening in their life while catching some fresh air.


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