TrueShape Feminization Rhinoplasty

TrueShape Nasal Dome - Another Unique Dr. Kaushik Innovation

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Next to the forehead, your nose is the most obvious and visible feature of your face – and also a dominant facial gender marker.

It is easy to understand when you see noses of different types. Weigh for yourself if these noses are an indicator of female or male for you. How much would these faces change with a delicate and small nose?

Interestingly enough, these pictures stem out of a movement of cis-women who campaign to be proud of their big noses. It took these women years to work up the courage to go public with this movement. Imagine how much more this issue of a big nose affects a transgender woman – who seeks her female identity in a visual way. Decide for yourself how much of a gender marker the nose is for you when you look at the pictures of these courageous women.

When other body features than the nose express femininity, then all is still “in the green”.

For most late transitioners this is not the case – so every tiny little aspect of a person’s appearance is a puzzle piece that plays its part in defining a person as female.

That is why for post-puberty transitioning transgender women the nose issue is a crucial and defining one.

Why is our TrueShape Feminization Rhinoplasty?

We claimed at the beginning, that the TrueShape FFS is a system of procedures that – performed as a whole – will change your appearance to female.

Our TrueShape Feminization Rhinoplasty is closely linked to our Type K forehead Reconstruction. The Type K Reconstruction sets the foundation for a proper location for the nose bridge base and allows for a wonderfully smooth transition between the forehead and the nose using a proper female (frontonasal) angle connecting these two elements.

After Dr. Kaushik creates a smooth and delicate forehead-to-nose passage, the TrueShape nose feminization is next:

The overall size of the nose bridge gets reduced to female parameters and humps as well as uneven areas get removed.

Next is the nasal dome feminization:

The TrueShape nasal dome reconstruction is another unique Dr. Kaushik innovation. It reduces the height and width of the nasal dome near the upper lip and creates a rotated and less-defined female nose tip. At the same time the angle between the underside of the nose and the area above the upper lip (columello-labial angle) gets increased to female parameters. Also the size of the alars – the nostrils of the nose – will be reduced to female parameters.

Dr. Kaushik’s TrueShape nose feminization will have the desired and powerful feminizing effect you are looking for. Your female nose will appear natural, undetectable, and it will wonderfully fit your facial harmony.

In some cases, a lip lift will complement the female facial appearance.

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