TrueShape Trachea Shave/ Adam‘s Apple Removal

When Your Neck Reveals Your Gender...

Most transgender women know that one little spot at the front of their neck will reveal their biological gender – the Adam’s Apple (Laryngeal Prominence) or thyroid cartilage. If yours is visible, the only way to avoid that is to eliminate it.

This is what our TrueShape Trachea Shave – or Adam’s Apple removal – procedure does. To make sure this procedure is truly invisible for all onlookers, the incision area for this procedure is the skin crease fold between your chin and your neck.

Dr. Kaushik will shave the prominent cartilage to the utmost extent, leaving the voice chords fully intact. The result is an undetectable shaving of your thyroid cartilage/ Adam’s Apple.

After this procedure, you can walk the world free of worry about anyone detecting a hint on your neck that would give a clue about a biological gender that never suited you in the first place.

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