Arranging your trip

We want for your experience to be a smooth and rewarding one. That is why we put together this information for you, hoping you will find it helpful, while you prepare for your trip to India.

  • It is advisable to be flexible with your return flight date and thus to book flexible return flight tickets. Should you decide for additional procedures or should your healing demand for more time in India, then you are on the safe side compared to rescheduling a ticket, which is oftentimes a larger burden on your finances. Simply make sure that it is possible to change your return flight ticket, should there be the need for that. Our complimentary shuttle service will make sure you travel safely from the airport to clinic/hotel and also back to the airport on your flight return date.
  • When you pack your luggage, make sure your luggage conforms to the airline luggage weight restrictions for your flight luggage to avoid additional cost when checking in. Putting your luggage on a proper scale before you leave home is always helpful in this process.
  • To make sure we can arrange transportation properly, please do email us a copy of your flight ticket/ itinerary with local (Indian) arrival and departure times.
  • Make arrangements to register for your Indian e-Medical-Visa on time. It has to be no later than 4 days prior to your arrival in India. We suggest registering at least 7 days prior to arrival in India, to make sure the process of visa application has enough time to properly get completed. The e-Medical-Visa fees range anywhere from 0.00 US $ up to 60.00 US $.Find the link of the government registration form below. To minimise visa fees, we strongly suggest to use this link:
  • Please send us a current photo of you, so our clinic driver can easily identify you during airport pick-up.
  • After your arrival, you will follow the CLAIM YOUR BAGGAGE signs, to find your way to the luggage belt. You will find yourself coming to the immigration counters – where you please move all the way down to the e-Medical-Visa counters. After passing immigration, claim your travel items and pass the exit into the great hall.
    Please keep on going and exit the building through the glass door so you end up being outdoors.
    Our driver Mr. C.L Gaur will wait for you at the Meeting Point element which is to your right-hand side when you leave the airport building through the glass door. Should the driver not be present, please wait below the green Meeting Point cube until the driver gets there to pick you up. Alternatively, should you be able to make a phone call you can call our representative Mr. C.L Gaur under +91 9871 367861 for any further assistance.
  • After you get picked up by our driver, he will drive you to the Hospital.
  • As long as you stay with us at the clinic, you will have various meal offers to choose from. As long as you are with us, we will take care of you in terms of meals also. Should you want to bring a small blender for smoothies or health shakes or green smoothies, please do so, as this kind of diet is not yet so popular in India. We also have a small or food shop close to the cc where you can buy a small range of selected organic goods and foods.

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