Female to Male (FtM) TrueFunction Surgery

What Does It Take to Be A Guy...

Female to Male Surgeries

I simply can’t deal with being a woman because I am not – it feels all wrong!

I can’t stand to be a woman in this life any longer – it just tears me apart because it is not who I am – so what can I do?

For you it feels like:

  • The woman that brings life to this planet – the femininity that orders around the world to create it the way she wants it to be while using all her beauty, charm, and sexiness – be it a princess, wife, or CEO of a business – all of that is not you?
  • Endless communication simply to share experiences and learn from them while sharing them and assuring your discussion partner you understand – all of that is not you?
  • Creating a home that feels like a nest – where you feel comfortable, safe, and sheltered – all of that is not you?
  • Living life like a party using your feminine attraction in every aspect – that is also not you?

NO! That is not me at all. I despise the way my mind and body works while being a slave to these female hormones and all that comes with it!

You long to be a guy in this world.

And there are 100 Reasons Why It Is Great To Be A Guy such as:

0. You can pee while standing.
1. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
4. A five-day vacation only requires one suitcase.
10. Dry cleaners and haircutters don’t rob you blind.
12. Your ass is not a factor in a job interview.
19. Your last name stays put.
28. You can be showered and ready in 10 minutes.
48. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.
49. You can eat a banana in a hardware store.
83. You can buy condoms without the shopkeeper imagining you naked.

But let’s get serious again – although there is always a grain of truth in those sayings ;-).


Maybe Like Him

  • You want to be the strong understanding shoulder for your partner to lean on – you want to use your physical power and endurance in a way that feels good for you – you want to live and express that raw, pure sexuality that is so much based on instinct?
  • You feel the need to express your maleness in all aspe cts – including your male physicality – and you feel the urge to experience this life with that male testosterone-driven view of the world?
  • You love to interact in that certain, unique male way with the world around you that leaves no doubt you are a guy?
  • You are goal-driven, have those visions of what you want to achieve, and you want to show your partner that you will conquer the world for her/him and lay it to her/his feet?
  • Do you feel the need to show the world your macho ego?
  • Do you need to show the world what you can achieve and what you are good for?
  • Do you like the challenge of conquering women just for the thrill of it and do you love to play with women’s hearts?
  • Do you feel like you are best on your own or have the only true friend a guy can ever find (an animal)?

Ask yourself:

What kind of guy am I?
What do I want to achieve in life?
What kind of life do I want to lead?
What is the legacy I want to leave once I leave this planet?

Whatever the answer is – if you were born with a female physique then you need two main ingredients to put into reality who you truly are:

  • Female to Male Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Surgical interventions to help change what the hormones can’t/ couldn’t change for you

Please check out the content of Word On HRT and Transition Roadmap pages to get a broader understanding of this topic.

As a pre-puberty TS*male, HRT for you will work wonders – but the level of those changes also depends on your genes:

  • You will go through a voice break
  • You will experience that growth in muscle mass and increase in strength
  • You will experience those growth spurts and grow in size considerably
  • You will develop that governing testosterone sex-drive
  • You will grow a beard
  • You will grow body hair all over – including that happy trail
  • Your clitoris will grow into a mini penis
  • You will develop a typical male face with a larger nose and those deep-set eyes behind those bulging eyebrow ridges
  • You will be spared female breast growth
  • You will be spared female body shape development

As an overall statement, the following is true:
When you get HRT while you are being pre-puberty (when puberty starts) – so your natural puberty gets frozen and you will have male puberty by getting testosterone HRT – you will develop just like any other boy out there and you will be indistinguishable from your peers – except for that “little difference”.

As a post-puberty TS*Male, HRT will still usually achieve drastic, irreversible changes like a voice break, a more muscular physique, a drastically increased sex drive, a more aggressive and short-tempered behavior, a world that is much more receptive to sexual stimuli, beard growth, clitoris growth into a “mini penis” like glans, and stronger body hair development – including a happy trail.

But the female body shape changes in tissue and bone that took place during female puberty can only partly be reversed. This is where surgery comes into play.

OK – So what surgeries are necessary for me as a pre-puberty HRT TS*male?

Please skip down to the FtM SRS/GCS Surgery section

OK – So what surgeries are necessary for me as a post-puberty TS*male to pass as a guy and feel like a guy?

Whatever is necessary for you – that is an answer only you can provide.
We can tell you what we will manage to do for you in terms of surgery.
Basically, the various surgical steps for you as a post-puberty TS*male would be:

Chest Masculinization (Top Surgery)

TrueFunction MtF SRS/GCS Surgery (Genital Surgery/ Bottom Surgery)

This consists of female genital removal and reconstruction of male genitals. Typically this involves.

  • Removal of uterus (hysterectomy), fallopian tubes with ovaries (salpingo-oophorectomy), with obliteration of vaginal cavity (vaginectomy).
  • Male genital construction-
    • TrueFunction urethra lengthening and TrueFunction urethra masculinization
    • TrueFunction Metoidioplasty
    • TrueFunction Scrotoplasty
    • TrueFunction Phalloplasty (Full Penis Reconstruction)

TrueFunction Face Masculinization Surgery (FMS)


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