TrueShape Orthognathic Surgery

Ortho..... what?

Orthognathic Surgery

What are you talking about, please?

Dr. Kaushik introduces another FFS first worldwide:

He is the first world-renowned FFS surgeon to officially include orthognathic surgery into his set of FFS procedures.

Orthognathic surgery has two scopes of application

  • Pathologic orthognathic surgery
  • Functional orthognathic surgery

In short, pathologic orthognathic surgery is the correction of an overbite or underbite situation of a person’s jaw. This overbite or underbite issue oftentimes has a grave impact on a person’s appearance in terms of beauty – it is usually perceived as a distorting facial feature or it is even disfiguring a person’s face. When it gets corrected, facial harmony gets restored while the face gets beautified at the same time.

Overbite Correction

Underbite Correction

Since Dr. Kaushik‘s philosophy is to not just remove facial gender markers but to also beautify a TS*woman‘s face to the most possible degree, pathologic orthognathic surgery is a “must procedure” for Dr. Kaushik to beautify the lower part of aclient‘s face when it is prevalent in the patient.

Functional orthognathic surgery is performed by Dr. Kaushik as a purely beautifying element in the TrueShape FFS set of procedures.

Oftentimes the lower jaw is more prominent in a male person’s body, creating more lip show. This lip show is caused by the lower jaw and lip muscles to create the lip-seal position in everyday life. This constant muscle exercise creates a lower lip with more lip show which negatively impacts the person’s facial beauty.

Another aspect is the person’s smile. When the smile has accesvice teeth show or even gum-and-tooth show (dental oblique gummy smile), then also orthognathic surgery is the procedure of choice to fix this element that causes the additional negative facial-beauty impact.


It is Dr. Kaushik‘s responsibility to advise you to include this procedure when he sees that there is a need for it in your face and that feminizing your face will benefit greatly from adding this procedure.

Needless to say, it is understood that you as the patient always ultimately decide what you want.

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