Dr. Kaushik‘s TrueShape FFS Concept

The Secret To Your New Feminine Face

So, you want that brand new face that will make you forget all about your facial gender dysphoria/ facial gender incongruence?

Our set of TrueShape FFS procedures will turn your vision into reality!

Dr. Kauhsik‘s philosophy when it comes to his TrueShape FFS surgery concept is simple:

All procedures must do their part to help make a TS*woman forget about her Gender Dysphoria/ Gender Incongruence when she sees her face in the mirror.

From his point of view, removing only facial gender markers is not enough for most clients.

In other words – removing only those visible aspects of your face that determine if another person (including you – seeing yourself in the mirror) perceives you as male or female when this person looks at you – is going the road only halfway.

Most transgender women seek to get a

  • non-surgery detectable
  • natural
  • brand-new

face where nothing reminds them of the post-puberty face they had to live with for so many years to truly relieve them of their gender dysphoria.

Dr. Kaushik achieves this goal because he removes facial gender markers while also beautifying the face to the most possible extent during TrueShape FFS.

Everybody knows that each face is unique. That is why each woman needs an individualized approach to get the best possible result for her. Head and face X-rays and/or 3D-CT scans will assist in the evaluation process. Dr. Kaushik will discuss all relevant aspects with you during your consultation with him. He will advise you which orchestrated set of procedures will free you from your current face. These will create your fresh, new, and feminine face that you will fall in love with.

Enjoy your research time on our Olmec TrueShape FFS procedure pages.

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