TrueShape Cheek Feminization

My Cheeks Can Be A Powerful Facial Gender Marker?

Cheek Correction

Yes, they surely can be.

Since pictures say more than a thousand words – see for yourself. Which face would you choose to express femininity the most?

I guess it is obvious, that rounder, more
prominent, and fuller cheeks drastically
raise the femininity level of a face. Also, a
younger looking and youthful face always
turns the attractiveness level up a notch.

If this is what is missing in your face, then you have two successful options:

  • Cheek Implants
    A high-density polyethylene (HDPE) implant will be placed at the proper location in your face to create those cheeks that will be that female add-on to make your face more beautiful and feminine.
  • Cheek Fat-Grafting
    For those who dislike the idea of implants or who only need a small augmentation of their cheek area, our cheek fat-grafting procedure will make sure your face will get that feminine touch that will improve the female appearance of your face. Usually, your body will absorb about 30-40% of the grafted fat placed in your cheek area. With our Nano fat grafting technique, the absorption rate is even low. Yet, this procedure can be repeated, should your cheeks require more volume.

Say goodbye to the male cheek features of your face and welcome your female cheeks – the choice is yours.

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