TrueShape Breast Augmentation (BA)

When Your Breast Just Doesn‘t Feel Right...

Breast Augmentation

Do I really need breast implants?

This is a question that only you will be able to answer. Look at your body in the mirror and evaluate if what you see meets your expectations of a female appearance.

A truly beautiful female silhouette always displays proper breasts that serve as the female body gender marker.

Whenever HRT doesn’t have the desired effect on your breasts and/ or SRS/GCS got performed and it didn’t give your breasts the usual growth boost to allow for ample breast development, then breast augmentation (BA) is the solution to your problem. It will allow you to be identified as female when people look at you because of your wonderful, balanced, symmetrical breasts with proper cleavage. The high-quality medical-grade breast implants that have a natural feel to them will change the way you perceive yourself and it will also change how people will perceive you.


How do I know which implants are the best ones for me?

During your consultation, Dr. Kaushik will discuss with you the best options for implant brand, size, and shape. He will analyze your body form, chest size, and overall body appearance to make sure your result will be a natural and invisible one. Think about how much more female people will perceive you once your breasts are as beautiful and visible as you want them to be.


Is Dr. Kaushik’s TrueShape BA technique different from other BA surgery approaches?

Yes, there are two reasons for that:

  • Dr. Kaushik performs his TrueShape BA using his invisible incision technique where a unique TrueShape pocket gets created underneath the breast muscle via the axillary incision. The implant then gets inserted and placed without leaving any visible scars in the chest area or hurting any highly sensitive nerve areas in or around the breasts. Although other incision methods are available, Dr. Kaushik prefers this one by far because of the aforementioned benefits and minimal risk of capsular contraction.
  • Dr. Kaushik’s TrueShape BA includes his signature SIP (Stay In Place) technique in which the TrueShape pocket for the implant makes sure that the implant stays where you want it to be to have the desired effect. The complimentary pressure bra will help in the healing process and it also assists in further fixing the implant in place. Please follow the post-up breast massage and skin/ scar care procedure carefully and exactly.

Be ready to take on the world in a more confident way that will make you glow because of your newfound higher self-esteem and attractivity after you leave OLMEC.

Dr. Kaushik’s personal implant preference and recommendation based on his extensive experience are the below-listed implant manufacturers:

Eurosilicone –

Sebbin –

Motiva –

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