Various MtF Surgeries

For those who want to go to the limits....

Various MtF Surgeries

Here at Olmec, some other procedures are available that will complement all other feminizing procedures or that are necessary to achieve proper feminization but don’t fall into all other categories. These are:

  • Laser Hair removal
    Note: HRT has no effect on your body in terms of facial hair or chest hair. Also, your body will keep your present facial hair and body hair after GCS/SRS surgery.
  • Hair transplants
  • Lip Augmentation and Lip Reduction
  • Naso – labial Folds/ laugh lines and Marionette lines
  • Face lift And Neck lift Surgery
  • Body Shaping/ Body Contouring
  • Liposuction Surgery
  • All procedures offered on our Olmec Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

On top of that, Dr. Kaushik offers procedures for TS*women who want to achieve maximum feminization and beautification of their face and body and are willing to go to extremes in terms of surgical procedures and in terms of what is surgically possible nowadays.

The procedures are

  • TrueShape Lower Rib Removal
  • Brazilian Butt Lift & Buttock Implant Surgery
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery

Should you have any other surgical wants which you fail to find on our Olmec Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, then please contact Dr. Kaushik directly to enquire about your wishes via email at [email protected]

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