A Word On HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Male to Female HRT

HRT means Puberty. HRT is one of the most crucial and important aspects of any transition. For most post-puberty transitioners that means a second puberty. And just like with any puberty, the changes you will experience will be vast. Estrogen and progesterone are essential for mental health and stability as well as proper soft tissue changes in the MtF transgender body. Your emotional landscape will change completely and you should give yourself, your body, and your mind time to adapt to those changes. Regular puberty for a young girl lasts 6-8 years! Expect it to last the same for you until your body has completed the changes based on your HRT.

A healthy HRT must include bioidentical estrogen and progesterone so your liver, kidney, and the rest of your body will be healthy throughout all the years to come.

The point of time when HRT is started gives any TS* woman the chance of a lifetime to be fully invisible as a TS*woman compared to a natural-born woman

When puberty strikes in a TS*woman’s body a point of no return is reached.

When puberty starts, your pituitary gland begins to pulse – telling your gonads – ovaries for girls and testicles for boys – to release your biologically programmed primary sex hormone. For girls, these are estrogen and progesterone. For boys, it is testosterone.

Puberty Functional Chart

Puberty can be frozen (blocked) at this point – usually at the age range of 11-13 years – with the use of GnRH analogues (for example Lupron Depot). This stops the development of the male characteristics in the TS*woman’s body like growth spurts, male muscular body development, voice break, and the development of male facial gender markers.

This interception of stopping the biological puberty from moving forward is fully reversible. Should the young teen decide that it doesn’t want to go forward with the transition to a female body, the GnRH analogue gets stopped and biological puberty simply moves on where it left off.

Hormone Pathways

If the teen insists and persists that transitioning into a female body is what she wants and needs, then cross-hormone therapy can be given after 2-3 years of freezing puberty.

For TS*men the same applies. The GnRH analogues also freeze their puberty. When cross-hormone therapy in the form of testosterone gets started, these TS*boys will develop all relevant male puberty characteristics like muscle development, growth spurts, voice break, very active sex drive, wider shoulders, typical male body shape, developing a typical flat and muscular male chest, beard growth, male-pattern body hair growth, and general increase in body strength. The clitoris will begin to grow into a “miniature penis” and will significantly increase in size.

Nicole Maines – Male to Female Transition When Puberty Gets Frozen (blocked)

These next photos give you a most unique insight into what puberty did to the face and body of a young boy and what puberty did to the face and body of a child who identified as a TS* girl and how she changed when puberty got frozen and cross-HRT was allowed to happen.

Nicole and Jonas Maines are identical twins!

Their story has so much to prove.
First of all:
Gender dysphoria is independent of your genetic make-up or otherwise, both of these identical twins would have to be trans. Furthermore, being identical twins shows what Nicole’s face and body would look like, had she not been involved in the transgender teen program of the Boston Children’s Hospital’s department of Gender Management Services led by pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Norman Spack, which froze her male puberty when it began as a first step of the transgender children treatment. After insisting and persisting in her awareness of being trans, cross-sex hormone therapy got started which let Nicole physically develop like any other peer girl, except for the “little difference”.
Had this (reversible) medical intervention of freezing puberty not taken place, Nicole would nowadays look exactly like her brother. No surgery ever could have given her the face and body that her cross-hormone female puberty gave her
Observe for yourself how testosterone changed the face and body of Jonas compared to Nicole’s face and body.

Now – what does that mean for you?

There are two types of TS*women:

  • Pre-puberty transitioning TS*women
    These TS*girls get the male puberty spared and besides an SRS/GCS surgery they don’t need any other surgery to be perceived by society as female – they are indistinguishable from the natural-born girls.
  • Post-puberty transitioning TS*women
    These TS*women need surgical procedures to free them of all the “damage” the male puberty caused to their bodies, namely FFS, voice feminization surgery (VFS), breast augmentation (BA) and body contouring procedures.

Whatever your needs are, we here at Olmec know what you need and will help and support you on your journey with a healthy and proper HRT.

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