Testimonial – Vinnie

Name : Vinnie
Procedure Sigma-Lead Gcs/Srs
Date : 14.02.2017


SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) have been a successful journey of my life; It started at the age when I was in my school. I always knew about myself as I was more feminine and was never interested in boy’s activities. Soon when I realized about myself that I have a girl soul in a male body, I started going into depression stage. Later at the stage of 23 I started living into a free female attire. I struggled to find a proper advice for medication. Then I found “Olmec” online and read the reviews about the doctor. I visited to the clinic & meet Dr. Kaushik. He diagnosed that I have gender dysphoria. I, then started my HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) from Olmec also underwent laser for hair removal as well. After two years I decided for my SRS, as I wanted to be complete woman physically, socially and legally. So Olmec helped me in my transition for my SRS. It’s a seven days process, now I am happy & satisfied with the medication & treatment that I got at Olmec. It is the best & secured place for getting the surgery. It takes care of you like a home, the staff, technicians are very helpful, good at work, they were always there to support and care for me.

At Olmec there is the best medication provided & has good team of doctors. I would also like to thank Dr. Narendra Kaushik who is leading specialist in sigmoid colon SRS techniques. “Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you for taking such great care. Thank you for giving me a new life”.

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