Testimonial – Vanessa

Name : Vanessa Robinson
Procedure : Sigma-Lead SRS / Breast Augmentation / Bottox
Date : 15-05-2018
Country : United Kingdom


I Travelled from England to Delhi on my own on 17 April 2018. I was very excited to be coming here to get myself ‘fixed’. I was not nervous at all.

On arrival at Delhi airport I was met by Mr. Subodh as promised, although it took me a while to find him as I excited the airport terminal at the wrong point my fault.

When I arrived at the clinic I was made very welcome from moment I stepped through the door. All the staff greeted me and presented me with a beautiful garland of fresh flowers. I was shown my room which I was very impressed with my own en-suite bathroom, ward able for my cloths and all very clean, tidy and homely.

After performing a few cardiac tests and discussion with the doctor regarding my breast implants. I had the breast augmentation surgery the next day on the 19th April.

All the sisters and staff were extremely professional and caring all so friendly and always there when I needed any help.

The day of my sigma lead SRS was 23rd April 2018, I struggled a lot with bowel emptying the night before that liquid I had to drink tasted absolutely vile and made me vomit every time I tried drinking it, Later on the Doctor came to see me, After a quick and the realization that if my bowels were not …. then surgery may be delayed…..I drunk that stuff down.

So the big day arrived and I was moved to operation room, I was so excited, not nervous at all.

It was a very strange experience being under anesthetic, I knew I was in safe hands, happy in the knowledge that when I wake up I would be fixed.

When I wakeup it was amazing moment to realize that the operation was a success.

I am now 3 weeks post op drom my SRS. Recovery so far has been tougher than I expected, but then again everyone heals differently.

Again I cannot fault the staff here always so caring and friendly, we often have a joke and a laugh too, sharing music and photos and talking about our different culture/ countries.

I would highly recommend Olmec to everyone considerding surgery, I have to fly back to England in two days time, but I really don’t want to as I am going to miss u all the wonderful people I am met have.

Best wishes, Much Love, Vanessa


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