Testimonial – Rasika

Name : Ms Rasika
Procedure : Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, Facial Feminization, Voice Change, SRS.
Date : 19-11-2017
Country : INDIA



My name is Rasika. I distinctly remember the first time I walked into OLMEC. Little did I know that it was like walking into the new doors of the new life in store for me.

I was always a woman since the childhood, but somehow I had suppressed that desire for a very long time. One cannot even begin to explain what it is like being trapped in another body and pretend to conform to the social norms set by others.

I had first approached Dr. Kaushik to address the receding hairline that I had started to experience. During the consultation, the doctor brought up the possibility of changing my hairline completely which would give me a feminine look. He caught my attention, and I allowed him to continue with the possibilities in store for me. How easily did he make the whole transition sound! I viewed the pictures of the other patients who had undergone similar procedures and was awestruck upon viewing those pictures.

Was it possible for me to go through this transition? Well, one has to leap of faith to reach new heights. He did explain to me the procedure of SRS, and it sounded adventurous.

The next question was; is it just having a vagina that will make me a real woman? What about the facial features? I was in no rush to get all the answers right away as it was too much to register. I decided to take one step at a time.

I got myself admitted for the first Hair Transplant procedure in March 2017 and enrolled myself for the laser treatment to combat the facial hair. In a few months, I was delighted to see the change in my hairline and the new hair shooting along the reconstructed hairline. While the progress was beginning to take its shape, I continued my consultation with Dr. Kaushik. I started my HRT side by side.

I followed the plan he laid out for me and decided to put my trust in him. I had a typical masculine nose which I did not like much. The next surgical process I decided to undergo was Rhinoplasty. It was not just the nose that I was concerned about; it was the male hormones still being produced by the body thus nullifying the effect of HRT that I was undergoing. After all, it was no ride to change the effect drastically at my age. Yes, AGE is what I was highly stressed about. Someone going through the transition before the puberty is rather simpler, or even someone who decides to accept the challenge in the 20s is acceptable but was it possible for someone to go through the hormonal change in late 30s? How successful would the results be? These were the key apprehensions which Dr. Kaushik repeatedly addressed and put my fears to rest. Hence I decided to undergo Orchiectomy along with the rhinoplasty. After all, I was super excited and did not want to waste much time living in another body which I did not relate to. Hence I had another consultation before the procedure to see if I could club some other procedures along with it. Finally, we decided to go for Rhinoplasty, Orchiectomy, Adam’s apple removal and voice change procedures at the same time.

So, my second surgery was scheduled in June 2017. The change once again was remarkable. I almost did not recognize my voice when I heard it for the first time post the surgery. My nose was protruding hence the result was not what I expected; after all how much smaller could Dr. make in just one procedure? Nevertheless, it was much better in shape than before. After all the results post any cosmetic surgery takes time to reveal the results.

With the testicles having removed I almost already felt like a new person. It was an emotional shift along with the physical. I was now even more keen to undergo the rest of the procedures to transition to a new body. The next procedure I underwent was Breast Augmentation in October.

The feeling after the best augmentation was beyond imagination. I was thoroughly satisfied with the results as I already felt like a new person. By then, the HRT medicines had already started to show the results.

Finally, it was time for a BIG surgical procedure “SRS,” and it was scheduled exactly one month after the previous surgery. The date decided was November 20, 2017. What was a big roller coaster ride it? As the days started to get closer, the heartbeat raced faster and faster. At one point it felt like my heart would jump out …

I got admitted on November 19, 2017, to embrace my new life in OLMEC.

Once again the result post SRS was phenomenal. Hardly anyone could distinguish between God made, and Dr. Kaushik made a vagina. No doubt like any surgery, there is always a little bit of pain, but with the help of painkillers administered from time to time, I was well taken care of.

The major hurdle was already crossed post-SRS; what was left was a fine-tuning of the facial features to pass as a complete woman. As recommended by Dr. Kaushik, the next facial feminization procedure would be Malar Implants to help alleviate the cheekbones. I decided to club it with Forehead reconstruction surgery and the procedure was scheduled in December. Once again, I was thrilled with the results. The next step to further feminize the facial feature was reducing the chin from rounder to a narrower shape. Under the expertise of Dr. Kaushik, I had no doubt that it could not be achieved. I decided to club this one along with a second Rhinoplasty to further narrow the tip of the nose. The results met my expectation.

Now, I live as a normal woman with a job in MNC and identity as a woman. Many people don’t even live one life as desired, how lucky am I to have been born again in the same lifetime?

This journey would not have been possible without the expertise of Dr. Narendra Kaushik who I believe is a Brahma for all the people operated by him.

The key highlights for me were:

  • Expert guidance by Dr. Kaushik
  • Approachable staff
  • Cleanliness

Procedures underwent:

  • Hair Transplant
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial Feminisation
  • Voice change
  • SRS


  • Satisfactory

Recognised by International Institutes