Testimonial – Dilu

Name : Dilu
Procedure : Vaginectomy, Metoidioplasty
Date : 20-11-2017
Country : Sri Lanka


There was a dream I had from my childhood. That’s to become a boy. At that time I was not sure whether I could make it a reality. But when I grew up I learnt that I could make my dream come true by an operation. Since then I started Collecting information, facts and more details about it.

Firstly my mind went towards Bangkok as at that time for this particular operation they had more experience. But my mom’s financial situation was not that sound to spend so much as she was shouldering every responsibility of mine by herself. Also she did not agree with me on this issue as I’m the only child and it was not even heard in Sri lanka at that time.

Later on when she realized that I was not giving up my idea slowly but surely she realized that I was not giving up my idea slowly but surely she changed her attitude towards a very positive target. I felt that I have won my battle halfway.

Due to business disasters she lost a major Portion of her income. Therefore we had to mark time until we collect some money.

I did not give my journey any moment. But there were ups and downs. By this time I had done my breast operation, Then only I learnt about Dr. Kaushik of India through internet. By this time with the blessings of god we had enough money to go forward with my operation. Then on my Sri–Lankan doctor’s advice I did my hysterectomy last November (2016) and came and met Dr. Kaushik personally, there also we were taken aback When I saw the condition of the infrastructure and surroundings. I was in two minds, whether to find a new doctor or to do what’s next.

we came and met Subodh first, I expressed my negative impression to him. I was truely scared to go through this major operation within these walls. I am ever grateful and thankful to Subodh as it was him, him and him only got my fears out of my mind and strongly infused the idea of believing in Doctor’s ability, efficiency and experience rather than the outlooks of the building and surroundings.

we came for the appointment fixed at 3pm December 7th (2016) though my mother gave the consent and blessings she was mortally scared, but after meeting Dr. Kaushik and following his explanations, she was very confident that nothing will go wrong as he is such an experienced person in this field. It came to me as a blessing as my mom is a heart patient.

From that day, it took exactly twelve (12) long months to come back to ”Olmec” and we were welcome so dearly according to the Indian culture.

we met the Doctor, he examined me and examined me and explained how the operation is going to be and we went to the hotel. we admitted to ‘Olmec’ on the 8th night, 9th morning was the operation. There came three members of the caring nursing staff and geared me for the operation. Dr. Kaushik himself came and took me to the theatre.

Everything went on well they said. I was happy they took only four and a half hours for (4) operations together.

I was reborn at 2:05 pm on 9th Nov 2017. I had to wait for 41 years of my age to become what I wanted to be.

Thanks to Dr. Kaushik, his efficient assistants and his loyal staff. I am able to face the society as a man by all means.

I would like to very gratefully remind of the advice gratefully remind of the advice given to me by Subodh. If not for his strong advice and the ability he had to convince us, my dream would have been still a dream making me mad. Subodh, Thank you very much.

Dr. Kaushik, Dr. Sunanda, his surgical staff, nursing staff, Clerical staff and the minor staff had been a great strength to me. you never allowed us to feel that we were in a hospital or out of home, every need was looked into with a great genuine interest, therefore my mom was very comfortable and confident throughout the operation and throughout the stay.

Dr. Kaushik, you are a great asset to the society, your efficiency, human ways, Kindness are appreciated by us.

You are not only a Surgeon by Profession to me you are a god in living form and a father to me. My love and gratitude for you will be there until I leave the lauds of living. Always you, and the Olmec staff will be in our minds.

Thank you for giving me a new life. you will be in my prayers everyday as my Hero.

It’s a blessing to meet people with a sincere, Kind and a human touch!

Hope to meet you and Olmec again

God Bless all of you and way you be the No.1 in the World’s list.


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