Testimonial – Anna

Date : 13-03-2018
Country : USA


I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kaushik for anyone considering SRS or any other procedure. I came from a small town in Alaska and was very nervous about being in the big city in India. Dr. Kaushik and the entire staff went out of their way to ensure, I was emotionally comfortable while I was so far from my home. Even on a couple of days, “I had bad days here”, the nurse staff kept their smile and all made point of it, to come to talk with me until my smile returned. I cannot thank them enough for that level of care that had nothing to do with surgery.

The surgery went very well and very little pain overall. The day after each procedure there was a pain but well controlled with pain relievers. The second day after chest surgery I was up and walking around town. Four days after SRS surgery again, I was out walking around town without pain. I am very pleased with how the surgeon and how quickly they are healing up.

It is very excellent that Dr. Kaushik cases deeply for his patient and treat each one with great respect and as individuals and he instill the same level of care and respect into his entire staff.

You will be very happy both during and after your stay that you choose Dr. Kaushik and his staff for the most important time of your life. Excellent people that deliver excellent results.


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