Neelima Amin Testimonial

Name : Neelima Amin
Procedure : Mastectomy (Double Incision)
Date : 02-09-2019
Country : Bangladesh


Olmec Health Care is the best Hospital for people like us. And Dr. Kaushik Sir is one of the best Surgeons in the world. All the staffs are well experienced and very much caring. If I want to take names then I will have to take all the staff’s names because each and everyone was very caring and loving with me. Still, I Wanna take some name whom I Irritated most, for example, Leena ma’am, Bhabhiya Ji, Sonu Ji, (not sure about the spelling), Miss Lolia, Miss Sophia, Miss Sangita, Miss Nobita, Lovely aunty, Ruby Didi, Rukhsar and also all Bhaiyas. Leena ma’am tried her best to provide the food as per my choice.

Lovely Aunty, Ruby Didi, and Rukhsar tried their best to cook food as per my taste. And Sanjay bhaiya, Sanjeev bhaiya, Rajkumar bhaiya, Kamal bhaiya everyone took care of me. And last not the least Thank you, Dr. Sunanda Maam, for keeping me updated on Whatsapp all-time with patience. And sorry maybe I will disturb you again and again.



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