Vaginal Depth After Sex Change Surgery

From a surgeon’s point of view that simply is not the case. Cesareans, which are performed by the dozens on a daily basis, are quite similar to a Sigma-Lead SRS or the older sigmoid colon surgery SRS. The surgical techniques have evolved drastically over the last 10 years. Meticulous preparation of this surgery undoubtedly plays a significant role for it being performed successfully, and the other major contributing factor is the surgeon’s experience and routine with this type of surgery. The patient herself can help tremendously with the outcome of the surgery by leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of keeping a balanced diet and by not smoking or by not excessively consuming alcohol and by staying away from drugs. Like every surgery, it has the inherent risks that come with every surgery under general anesthesia, but otherwise, the risks nowadays are very much controlled by surgery preparation protocol.

There are many reasons for that. Obviously, the first major reason is that the colon segment contains some of the rarely available mucous body tissue. That means you will have a self-lubricating vagina when you are sexually aroused, and your vagina also has self-cleaning properties just like a regular vagina, due to the constant mucus production.

Still, the production of mucus is in reasonable amounts, and after a couple of months after surgery, it reaches normal regular CIS vaginal discharge levels. The colon segment of the Sigma-Lead graft can adapt well to different penis sizes and lengths compared to a penile skin graft or a scrotal skin graft. The colon transplant is brought into position with its own blood supply and all nerves attached, that is why healing times and recovery after surgery are a lot faster. The Sigma-Lead vagina will also be fully sensate due to the nerves staying completely attached to the colon graft. The colon graft is basically shrink-free compared to all other GRS/SRS techniques.

The second reason is that the colon segment is free of any hair, so a hairless vagina is guaranteed.

Absolutely not. A 6-7 inch (15-18 cm) incision will be performed, which will leave a very thin scar on your groin. The suture is closed layerwise, which means that each layer that got cut during the incision, will be closed layerwise again in reverse order, which will make sure that the scar area won’t cave in during or after the healing procedure (instead of closing the suture in a time saving, more cost effective quick closure procedure which makes for a low-quality surgery result). After about a year it will have matured to be imperceptible.

Again the answer is no. The Sigma-Lead colon graft gets harvested from a free floating segment of the bowel, which makes it easy to reach and to prepare. The human body system features an intestinal system which is present in abundance. As we can see in patients with health issues, where a part or parts of the bowel system get removed for other reasons, the body will easily function in the same way as before, because the remaining bowel tissue will adapt to the new situation and take over the task of the bowel part that got removed. Even more so in our case, where the Sigma-Lead graft is being taken out of the end portion of the bowel tract. We harvest only a relatively small part of colon compared to the overall amount of colon tissue present in the body: the small intestines, responsible mainly for chemical digestion and nutrient absorption is about 7 meters long (approx. 22 feet) and the colon (large intestine), which is about 1.5 meters ( 5 feet) long. We harvest a graft of about 10 cm ( 4 inches). The main task of the colon is to store and ferment indigestible matter and to absorb water from that matter and make it available to the body again. As you can see, the task of this small graft segment we use for the vagina will be easily compensated for by the remaining 1.4 meters of the colon. It takes a few weeks up to a few months for the remaining colon to compensate and to adapt to the new situation and function of the colon is restored to 100%.

That is incorrect. IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a long-term or chronic disorder. That simply can not be the case with you in that situation. Since the function of your gastrointestinal system will be restored again, using this term is simply out of place. What you will be experiencing is an altered bowel habit. Due to the antibiotics used and the compensation process going on, you will have a higher frequency of defecation. You will be given probiotics, vitamins, and minerals to help your body and intestines to get back to #8220;business as usual” as fast as possible. A mild bulge of your belly will probably happen, but this is only due to the swelling of the tissues, that were affected by surgery and this effect will pass away within 6-8 weeks.

With an average patient penile length of 6-7 inches and the need to have 3-4 inches of penile skin to create beautiful and natural outer female genitalia, the surgeon will only have 2-3 inches of skin left to create vaginal depth with the classic penile inversion technique, so that obviously doesn’t work. In circumcised or smaller penis length patients, the situation is an even more pressing issue.

Extended penile inversion with scrotal graft or full graft vaginoplasty SRS techniques overcome the flaw of depth, but they come with mostly painful, tedious and time-consuming dilation routines as well as with a long recovery and healing process. That fact is caused by the shrinking and scarring of the thinned out, hair follicle freed scrotal skin/ penile skin graft, which is being used to line the vagina. They also have the deficit of the sebaceous and sweat glands inherent in the skin graft still producing their secrets, which oftentimes leads to unpleasant und smelly discharge that looks similar to pus.

So in terms of providing a rather safe procedure, the answer is yes, they have been proven reliable. In terms of creating a cosmetic beautiful and cis-like vulva some of them have proven to be satisfying. In terms of creating a fully functional, self-lubricating, and sensate vagina that behaves and feels like a cis-vagina and will adapt to various penis sizes and diameters easily and has very low post-op dilation demands, the answer is no #8211; it has not proven to be satisfying, due to the properties of the skin graft. All these technique-inherent flaws are overcome by the Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS technique.

Yes, that is correct. You will have to dilate also. Yet the function and purpose of dilating after the OLMEC Sigma-Lead SRS alternatives serves a very different goal! Dilation in the aforementioned techniques serves the purpose of stretching and enlarging the vagina’ s diameter as well as keeping or deepening its length. Also, dilation stretches scarred patches of the graft inside which helps in the maturing of the tissue, a time-consuming and long lasting process.

The Sigma-Lead graft will not shrink at all since it has its fixed size and structure. Dilation is vital because the suture part between the penile skin and the Sigma-Lead graft wants to be kept smooth and dilation is geared towards helping the minimal scar tissue in this area mature and to keep these adjacent tissues flexible. Also, the Sigma-Lead graft will keep its length, and thus your vaginal depth reached after surgery will stay. These are all contributing elements to the fact, that the healing period after OLMEC Sigma-Lead SRS is completely different than with other forms of SRS. Patients of advanced penile inversion and full graft SRS techniques will counteract the healing process of all of the vaginal graft, whenever dilation is performed #8211; which is 100%! Patients of the Sigma-Lead SRS have only an area of about 1-2 percent that is affected by dilation, which is the suture area between the penile skin and the sigmoid colon transplant. This means that 98-99% of the vagina is unaffected by the dilation regimen and can heal at its own pace, undisturbed by dilation countereffects, which makes for a much faster recovery period overall!

No that is incorrect. In the early days, surgeons were using different colon segments that actually really had more of that issue, since these colon segments are built to produce more mucus due to their position in the intestinal system. Today we only use the distal part of the sigmoid colon loop for our Sigma-Lead graft that also has dehydrating capabilities and whose mucus production is not as strong as of other segments of your bowels. Within the first months after surgery, a light smelly odor might come with the discharge from your vagina, but it will cease after a couple of months.

Yes absolutely! Since the Sigma-Lead graft comes with its own blood supply and nerve supply, you can expect it to be genuinely more sensate than any other SRS technique available today. Just imagine how gas buildup can hurt in your bowels #8211; now turn that capability into possible sexual sensation, and you will have an idea what a Sigma-Lead vagina will do for you.

Olmec further enhances the sensation of your vagina by repositioning the bulbourethral glands together with the prostate gland to create a G-spot that will further enhance your sexual pleasure that you can feel with your vagina.

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