Lip Augmentation and Lip Reduction

Lip Augmentation

Fuller and pouter lips are considered a feminine character. Lip Feminization can be achieved by lip augmentation / lip reshaping to achieve fuller and pouting lips.

Procedure: A filler (available as a prefilled syringe) is injected in a defined layer of lip. The filler are said to temporary. Fat graft is considered better alternative in which harvested and processed fat is injected into the lip. Being your own body tissue fat is safe.It may need touch ups as part of the fat may disappears over the period of time.

Duration of Procedure: 30 minutes to 1 hrs.

Anaesthesia: No anaesthesia or local anaesthesia

Recovery Time: Immediate. Mild swelling may persist for 48 hrs.

Longevity of Results: Months to years – depending on filler type.

Lip Reduction

The lip reduction/thinning or lip reshaping is a painless day care procedure (no need of admission) with excellent results. The extra tissue is removed to achieve desired shape. The procedure does not leave any scar.

Duration of Procedure: 1-2 hrs.

Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia.

Recovery Time: Back to work in 2-5 days. Swelling may persist for a couple of days.

Longevity of Results: Permanent.


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