Feminization Rhinoplasty

Feminization Rhinoplasty (Nose Feminization)

The nose surely is THE most exposed facial gender marker there is and it also always is a hallmark of beauty. The more symmetrical and the more perfect in shape, balance, and harmony it is the more beautiful the face it belongs to is perceived.

Dr. Kaushik’s passion is for the nose. Dr. Kaushik always stresses the fact that plastic surgery is the “fight about millimeters”, which is also so very true for the nose. Most important of all is that the result of your nose feminization can literally be seen on your face.

The female nose is smaller and less wide than the male counterpart. The female nose is also shorter, less wide and has smaller nostrils with at the same time less flaring nostrils than the regular male nose. The nose tip is also blunter in females.

The tip of the nose is always slightly more upward in females than in males, due to a slightly wider angle between the two lines that meet at the center base of your nose above the lip (where the columella originates): the line between the upper lip to the center of your nose base and the line between the columella and the tip of your nose. The male nose shows greater projection (reaches out further) than the female nose.

The female nose features an elegant dorsum – also called the “bridge” of the nose – which connects the tip of the nose with the face. It is slightly curved towards the face.

This dorsum originates from the base of the nose, oftentimes also referred to as the root of the nose

The base of the nose is usually located in the area between the upper eyelash line and the upper eyelid fold. This angle between the base of the nose and the tip of the nose is 34 degrees in females and 36 degrees in males. whereas the male nose shows greater projection.

The final creation of the supratip break is the sign of excellence when performing nose feminization rhinoplasty. A supratip is defined as the slight angle break between the upward rotated tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose. Only a few surgeons invest the heart, patience, dedication and time to achieve that kind of result.

To sum it all up:

Feminization rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure where millimeters will make the distinction between female and male. Reducing a male nose in all necessary aspects to create a striking and wonderful female result belongs into the hands of an experienced expert like Dr. Kaushik, who will make sure, your nose turns out as feminine as can be while at the same time making sure that it will be invisible for other people to recognize that you had nose surgery at all since no visible scars will remain.

To sum it all up:

To get your necessary Nose feminizing procedures evaluated by Dr. Kaushik please send us 4 photographs taken from 4 perspectives as the sample pictures below illustrate:

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