There are many reasons why a patient might decide for cosmetic GCS/SRS only.

Maybe health issues make you choose that way.

Maybe religious or social reasons make you decide for that option.

Maybe financial matters are the reason behind it.

Whatever your reasons are, we will perform the best cosmetic GCS/SRS possible and we will perform it in such a way, that you still have all options open, should you decide you want to have a vagina at some later point! This is why we also refer to our OLMEC cosmetic GCS/SRS as the OS1 procedure.

We at OLMEC believe that the cosmetic GCS/SRS procedure for you should create external female genitalia that look as natural as possible. You will have labia majora, labia minora, a clitoral hood and a clitoris. The clitoris and the labia minora will be fully sensate and arousable.

Our surgical procedures are performed with utmost care and precision. We use local anesthesia to complement your general anesthesia and to help in tissue preparation and bleeding management, resulting in less general anesthesia for you, because our procedures can be performed in a better way. However, we always take the greatest care to ensure maximum tissue vascularity (blood supply to the tissue) to achieve the best possible results.

We will use all available genital fat and other proper tissue to ensure beautifully defined and full labia majora.

We will shorten your urethra to proper female length and position.

We will perform an orchiectomy (removal of the testes) and we will remove all unnecessary muscle tissue and the spongy tissue of your penis (corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum) carefully. We always take the greatest care to keep your urethra and the nerve and blood supply to your glans penis intact.

We will deglove your penile skin – which means we take the outer skin off your penis body. With this tissue, we create your clitoral hood and your labia minora.

The tip of your penis – called the glans – gets reduced in size to create a proper clitoris (clitoroplasty). Along with its highly sensitive and important nerve bundle and its blood supply, the clitoris then gets repositioned at the proper location just beneath the clitoral hood.

The urethra – shortened to proper length – will be repositioned (urethroplasty) and the tissue for the labia minora and majora (labiaplasty) will get positioned and sutured to settle down in their final new home.

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