Chin Contouring / Genioplasty

Chin Contouring

Difference between Male Chin and Female Chin

Males have a larger, squarer and wider chin while females have smaller, rounder and narrower chin. Male chin is little more projected than female chin.

Surgical Options (Genioplasty)

The procedure is done through inside the mouth without any scar outside. A larger, squarer chin can be contoured to a smaller and rounder chin by shaving the corners and base of the chin. If a significant reduction in height is needed then a horizontal section of bone is removed along with sliding genioplasty to reposition the chin in desired position (thus correcting receding / protruding chin)

A receding chin can also be corrected using a chin implant which is a faster and less invasive procedure as compared to osteotomies.

Duration of Procedure: 1- 2 hrs.

Anaesthesia: General or local with sedation

Recovery Time: Back to work within a week

Longevity of Results: Permanent

Recognised by International Institutes