Breast Augmentation Basics


Female breasts – what longings, wishes, desires, and fears do they evoke?

Each and every one of us has a position on the female breast, the feelings this term stirs and the individual beauty ideal that it is connected to.

Most MtF transgender individuals will need and want the help of a skillful and experienced plastic surgeon to have the dream of living with female breasts that fit their body turned into reality.
In quite a number of cases, hormone therapy all by itself will be not enough to equip you with a gender marker that will fit your body frame. Since the female breast obviously is the no.1 consciously visible female gender marker of all, it is of great importance and relevance.

Being one of the gender confirmation surgeries, breast augmentation plays a major role in usually necessary surgeries that a MtF transgender individual goes through. With an increased breast size and shape that will fit the body frame and size, the overall female appearance of the transgender individual gets highlighted and improved. In everyday life, this improved appearance boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.

When the size of your breasts leaves no question if when someone meets you, he will instantly recognize you as female, then you will go about your day in a happier and more confident manner.

Breast augmentation is achieved by skillfully placing a breast implant in a previously created “pocket”. Nowadays these medical grade, leak proof silicon gel pads have such a natural feel to them, that once they are inserted, one often can’t tell that they are implants.
Another important factor that people won’t be able to tell that you have breast implants is the fact, that incision lines can be hidden so well that they are basically invisible.

Besides increasing the size of the breast, the implants usually also correct the shape of the breast in a wonderful, complimentary manner, leaving you with a nicely shaped, size increased breast with a wonderful cleavage.

Since it all comes down to what you think is beautiful for your body, we will adhere to your wishes. Together with you, we will select the right kind of implants and the right kind of surgical approach to delivering the desired result and appearance you are looking for.

OLMEC has the experience and routine of more than 4000 successful breast augmentations at your fingertips.


  • At OLMEC we only use EUROSILICONE breast implants of the newest generation with the highest medical grade cohesive gel silicone
  • In 2007 EUROSILICONE launched a first of its kind study about the safety and reliability of their breast implants with 550 patients and the mid-term 5-year results were excellent (they were published in 2014). This explains the outstanding lifetime warranty that EUROSILICONE provides with its products

What does that mean for you? It means that your silicone implants are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, because they use a tough yet flexible outer shell, and the coherent gel inside is leak proof. Even if the outer layer should get ruptured due to unforeseen incidents, the gel will stay together instead of leaking out into the body.

Nevertheless, you should understand that there is a high chance that you will need to have an additional surgery at some point to remove or replace the implant.

EUROSILICONE provides an excellent patient leaflet which explains well all information related to breast augmentation and breast implants.
You can find the link to the brochure on their respective page on their website, where it says PDF Download at the bottom of the page: Eurosilicone Leaflet

or you can download the brochure from the link here which we provide for your convenience.

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