Breast Augmentation Surgery Step by Step

Breast Augmentation Surgery Step by Step

Step 1

Marking is done accurately according to the size of implant to be used

Step 2

After application of Povidone-Iodine (Brownish Solution) Infiltration is done in desired plane

Step 3

Axillary crease incision is made

Step 4

Dissection is carried out and plane is defined under the Pectoralis Major Muscle

Step 5

Blunt dissection is carried out under the muscle without any trauma

Step 6

Dissection of Medial Muscle is carried out endoscopically to achieve a perfect pocket

Step 7

Complete dissection of full extent of pocket is confirmed

Step 8

Pocket is cleaned with thorough irrigation

Step 9

Irrigation with Anti-Septic Povidone-Iodine and Hemostatic Solution

Step 10

Closure view of clear effluent indicating clean cavity

Step 11

Anti-Biotic solution is sprinkled in the pocket

Step 12

Implant is taken out from the sterile packing

Step 13

Implant is checked for Integrity

Step 14

Anti-Biotic Solution is sprinkled over the implant

Step 15

Implant being inserted (Right Side)

Step 16

Side View : Implant being inserted right side

Step 17

Perfect and symmetric position of implant is ensured

Step 18

Closure view left side sub-muscular pocket

Step 19

Implant being inserted (left side)

Step 20

Closure of Muscle layer safe guarding implant

Step 21

Muscle layer closed ensuring symmetric position of implant inside

Step 22

Second (Axillary Fat) layer being closed

Step 23

Skin closure achieved with fine dissolvable suture (Not visible outside)

Step 24

Dressing First layer

Step 25

Dressing Second layer

Step 26

Dressing third layer

Step 27

Before and After

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