Breast Augmentation Consultation

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Your personal consultation with Dr. Kaushik is of utmost importance for this procedure. In the beginning, you will tell Dr. Kaushik your expectations and hopes in terms of your future breasts as detailed as possible.
Dr. Kaushik will then evaluate all your physical parameters to tell you if he believes your expectations can be met.

1.) Implant Size and Shape

Dr. Kaushik will suggest options about which size and shape implant will suit your needs and will fit your desired purpose best.
Remember: it’s all about which shape and size are best for you. You want to feel completely comfortable with the size.
Also keep in mind that each size will add a bit of weight to your chest that you will be carrying from then on. If you are a very active person you also might want to watch your decisions in size and shape carefully. For example, teardrop shaped implants might rotate slightly with heavy and regular exercise, whereas with round implants a rotation of the implant will not matter, should that happen. Also state clearly how important a certain kind of cleavage is for you and if this anticipated expectation can be achieved.

When the size of your breasts leaves no question if when someone meets you, he will instantly recognize you as female, then you will go about your day in a happier and more confident manner.

2.) Incision Point

Basically, there are 3 incision points to choose from:
A) Peri-areolar incision
With the peri-areolar incision, the scar will be around your areola. This incision is hidden to some extent by the color change at the edge of the areola.

B) Sub-mammary
With a sub-mammary incision, the scar will be located in the inframammary fold (the line where your breast and your chest meet) beneath your breast. The incision is hidden by the slight droop of your breast.

C) Trans-axillary
With the trans-axillary incision, the implants are inserted through an incision in your armpit, which makes the scar close to invisible.

All incisions have their pros and cons and also their limitations. Please discuss the options for your case with Dr. Kaushik, listen to his recommendations and then make your choice for the incision approach you want for your surgery.

3.) Placement of the implants

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The implants can have one of 2 placement locations.

It can be placed in between the pectoral muscle and your mammary glands, which is called the subglandular position.

Or they can be placed in between the ribcage and the pectoral muscle, which is called the submuscular position.

Here also both choices have their pros and cons. Please discuss with Dr. Kaushik which choice he thinks is best for you, depending on your physique and your lifestyle.

4.) Dr. Kaushik will then explain to you in detail what your surgery will be like.

You will be under general anesthesia and usually the surgery takes anywhere from 1-2 hours.
You will stay in the hospital for one day before you can go home.
You will usually be able to return to work after a week, provided your work doesn’t include heavy lifting or strenuous exercise.
Please avoid any strenuous exercise and workouts within the first 3-4 weeks post-op. Light walks and loads of fresh air will help during the recovery period.

Breast augmentation surgery is a very popular add-on procedure for a Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS or an FGC/FFS procedure.

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