Adam’s Apple Correction

Adam’s Apple Correction

Adam’s Apple or Laryngeal Prominence (“V” shaped structure in upper neck) is one of the important signs for gender recognition.

Adam’s Apple is the hallmark of a male neck though it is sometimes visible in females also .

Surgical Option:

The laryngeal prominence can be reduced with a procedure called “Tracheal shave” (technically known as “Chondrolaryngoplasty”).

Other name of this procedure is “Thyroid Cartilage Reduction” or TCR.

The incision is made on the upper neck (at the junction of neck and chin – so that the scar is invisible).

The skin flap is raised to reach out the Adam’s Apple and the extra cartilage is shaved.

The main aim is to change it from masculine 90-degree angle to a feminine 120-degree angle.

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