Top Surgery (Chest Masculinization)

Female To Male Top Surgery (Chest Masculinization)

It is quite understandable that many of us are not aware of FTM (Female-To-Male) Top Surgery and hence we ensure that the methodologies of this kind of surgery are interpreted lucidly to everyone. To begin with, Top Surgery Female to Male is basically a gender reassignment process with chest masculinization technique, for transsexual men. The FTM Top Surgery has had more successful endeavors than any other cosmetic surgery methods.

Top Surgery Female to Male is precisely a process, where the breast tissues are removed with the help of Subcutaneous Mastectomy that uses accurate procedures to develop male contours. Along with this, FTM Top Surgery also involves elimination of excess skin, reorganizing of areola and nipple, receding of areola and/or nipple or free nipple grafts.

It is highly important for every individual, who are seeking FTM Top Surgery, to undergo a thorough counselling for gender dysphoria for few months or even years before finalizing to experience the more relevant phase of surgery, to prepare them to function perfectly in their male identity.

Top Surgery Procedures

There are various procedures of Top Surgery Female to Male, like Double Incision with Free Nipple Grafts, Buttonhole Process, Inverted T Top Surgery, Peri-areolar Top Surgery and Keyhole Top Surgery.

Double Incision with Free Nipple Grafts

In this Top Surgery Female to Male, horizontal incisions are done throughout the upper and lower part of the chest muscles and breast tissues. The nipples and the areola part are also removed along with it. The upper and lower incisions are elevated and joined together with surgical methods, with the developed scar line moving below the pectoral muscles, thus leading to normal contours. From natural areolar tissues, smaller areolas and nipples are created which are then grafted on.

Usually Double Incision Top Surgery takes approximately 1-3 hours under general anesthesia.

Double Incision Top Surgery ensures smooth male contours with areolas and nipples accurately sized and placed. However, the patients should not expect the feeling of sensation to develop in the areola or the nipples since the nerves are cut down when the original areola and nipple are removed during the surgery.

Buttonhole Process

This methodology is quite similar to Double Incision, as two horizontal incisions are done at the upper and lower part of the pectoral muscle and the breast tissues and excess skin are removed properly. Rather than making use of free nipple grafts, the nipple-areolar complex is reshaped and is meticulously connected with the nerves and blood supply with the help of a thin dermal pedicle, which enables sensation.

The name “Buttonhole” comes from the replacing of the nipple-areolar complex, where a circular incision is done on the chest wall at the suitable locations for male nipples; the nipple-areolar complex is then positioned from under the skin through this fissure, just like a button through a buttonhole and then stitched up with care.

The Buttonhole technology is generally performed under general anesthesia with a surgical duration of 1-3 hours.

In this surgery, the male resembling chest with nipples have reserved the feeling of sensation and pigmentation and due to suitable projection, the nipples have a much better and natural outlook than the free nipple grafts. This Female to Male Top Surgery also includes lesser complications since there is no risk of free nipple grafts infection later on.

Inverted T Top Surgery

This surgery procedure is pretty much similar to Double Incision and Buttonhole process and it involves horizontal incisions on the upper and lower part of the chest muscles. Although the breast tissues are removed, the nipple and the areola part are kept intact. On the contrary, a vertical incision is done on each side which runs down from the areola to the horizontal incision below the chest muscles. This additional incision enables the areola and nipple to be reduced and repositioned properly without severing the nerves, hence maintaining the sensation.

The approximate time for Inverted T Top Surgery under general anesthesia is usually around 2-3 hours.

Inverted T Top Surgery brings about fine masculine contours with conveniently sized and positioned areolas and nipples who have retained the feeling of sensation as well. But the patients initially may have to accustom themselves with the two extra vertical incisions.

Peri Areolar Top Surgery

In this FTM Top Surgery procedure, two circular incisions are done around the areolas to remove the breast tissues and any other kind of tissues near the incisions. The areolas and the nipples are reshaped systematically. After this, the chest skin is drawn towards the areolas and joined together and sutured around the edges as well.

The Peri Areolar Top Surgery is quite similar to Inverted T Top Surgery and this procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, involving approximately 1-3 hours.

This Female to Male Top Surgery caters perfect masculine contours with suitably sized and placed areolas and nipples who have been able to keep the feeling of the sensation. In this surgery, there is minimum scarring since the incisions have been carefully devised, following the natural outline of the areolas. But in rare cases, this surgery may involve revisions, like liposuction.

Keyhole Top Surgery

This Female to Male Top Surgery includes semi-circular incisions which are done at the base of the areolas. The breast tissues are removed in this surgical procedure. Since the areola and the nipples are not removed, the sensation is preserved naturally.

Keyhole Top Surgery delivers flawless male contours with natural sensation of areolas and nipples.

This surgery is generally conducted under general anesthesia with an approximate time of 1-3 hours.

This FTM Top Surgery renders impeccable male contours with suitably sized and placed areolas and nipples who have been able to keep the feeling of the sensation. Along with that, the scarring is quite minimal because of the incisions which are carried out on the original outline of the areolas.

The different Top Surgery procedures often depend on the size of the chest and skin elasticity. If the elasticity of the skin is not smooth, then the surgeon will be left with a limited number of procedure options which may have a detrimental effect later on.

Each and every Female to Male Top Surgery involves different costs depending on the type of case, the process undertaken and the risks involved.

The basic costs which are covered during FTM Top Surgery procedures include the anesthesia, the various facility fees, the pathology and surgeon’s fee, which includes complete post-op care and minute revisions that may be required in the initial few years.

The costs for Female to Male Top Surgery in India are quite low, when compared to developed countries, although there remains a price variation depending on the type of the Top Surgery.

The criterions for the requirement of Female to Male Top Surgery for a perfect candidate for FTM Top Surgery are efficient general physical health and body shape for a long 2 or 3 hours surgery, without relevant cardiopulmonary complications, psychiatric dilemma or a history of smoking or drinking. It is also important to note that the patients should have an average body weight of around 90 kg, an optimal measure for the surgery. In situations where the patients are underage, the consent from the parents of the particular patient is compulsory before undergoing the surgery.

After the Female to Male Top Surgeries are conducted, the surgeons usually advice for a complete rest for 4-6 weeks for those patients who are involved in outdoor sports activities. For patients who are office goers or students, they are advised of a minimum of 2-3 weeks of rest.

In the initial stages of post-operation, the patients might experience some discomfort and endure pain, but with proper rest and medication provided by the surgeons, the patients will be better off.

FTM Top Surgeries are no longer a difficult methodology, rather an easier and reaching out to patients’ method.

Top Surgery in Brief

Duration of Procedure: 2 -3 hrs. You may go home on the same day, though if you wish you may stay overnight.

Anesthesia: GA or local with sedation.

Recovery Time: Back to work in 2- 5 days. No Strenuous activities in 4- 6 weeks.

You may need to wear a pressure garment for 2 to 4 weeks.

Longevity of Results: Permanent. It does not recur.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may go home next day, though you will be visiting for follow up after a week.

The usual waiting period for top surgery is two to three weeks. To secure the date for procedure, you need to book the slot well in advance with an advance booking amount.

After top surgery, post operative care is very simple. It varies according to the technique done for top surgery.

After keyhole technique (scarless method) – You may go home on the same day or you may choose to stay overnight. For keyhole technique you need to have dressing for about 4 days. Many clients opt to stay for about 4 days till the dressing is taken out. You will need to wear a pressure garment for about 6 weeks. You may go for exercises after 6 weeks or so.

For double incision technique – You may go home on the same day or you may choose to stay overnight. For double incision method of top surgery, the dressing will be kept for about 7 days.Many clients opt to stay for about 7 days till the dressing is taken out.You will need to wear a pressure garment for about 6 weeks. You may go for exercises after 6 weeks or so. For scars you will be advised massage with gels/creams to fade away the linear scars.

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