Testimonial – Eve Rose

Name : Ms Eve Rose (Name Changed)
Procedure : Sigmoid Vaginoplasty/Hair Transplant/ Voice ferminization
Date : 7-4-2017
IPD No : 2447
Country : USA


VERY HAPPY!!! It was a great decision to come over to India all the way from New York, so far,I could not be happier with the results! I was actually supposed to go to Dr. Suporn in Thailand and already scheduled a date only to cancel after I learned of Dr. Narendra Kaushik while surfing on the net on YouTube to be exact, after Digging a little deeper and doing more research, It was clear to me that Dr. Kaushik is the only Surgeon to be trusted with the biggest decision of my life.. Finally getting the body I had dreamed of all my life. And Boy did Dr. Kaushik live upto my Expectations. After my in person consultation with him, It became clear to me that Dr. Kaushik is a pioneer in Sigmoid colon vaginoplasty. Despite the fact that I had very little tissue to work with, Dr. Kaushik Promised me He will do the best with what he has to work with and He did!

Upon my arrival at the Olmec Centre, I was welcomed to my surprise with a garland of fresh flowers and accompanying Indian Tradition. For a Quick Minute, I felt like I came on a Vacation. The day after was all the Pre-Surgery preparation which went smoothly. Finally it was the day of the surgery. Before I Knew it , I was back in my after Surgery care unit. To be honest I did not have much discomfort at all other than expected Pain until the ” Air Pockets” passed through . After that most of discomforts were lessened. While the recovery, I was under 24 hrs Supervision by a team of nurses and other Assistants All Lead by and supervised by Dr. Kaushik himself.

My condition continued to improve with each passing day. My biggest Surprise was how painless the entire recovery period was. I can say I have the right Decision by far to Come to Olmec. Specially all the horror stories I have heard from some other girls who opted for penile Inversion Technique. The Best part for me is the Dialation or lack there or from Sigmoid Vaginoplasty. Today I had my first Dialation. I was Surprised how easy and pain free,it was. I will only have to Dilate Twice a day.

To the Human side of things, I must say I was so touched by Everyone, I mean Everyone From the nurses , To the house keepers to the office service coordinator to the patient coordinator. Their Services were most heartfelt, Genuine and most importantly Comforting. I was here by myself but the staff made me feel quite at home. The level of Personal touch of everyone was unparalleled to anything, I have experienced a long while, I was so so touched When Dr. Sunanda, the Beautiful Wife of Dr. Kaushik brought me home made meals . Today’s Menu was rice with Corn. Dr. Sunanda Came to check up on me Everyday, At least twice a day,her presence was so soothing and comforting and made me feel so special. Over this past month, I have built some great bonds with the Staff. I know I will certainly miss them all and will remember them for a long time Without their support, I can’t Imagine how I would feel specially going through this on my own.

I would highly recommend Olmec and Dr. Kaushik and his Team to anyone who is even considering having sigmoid colon Vaginoplasty. I will definitely be back to possibly have some other Procedures Done. Besides being a pioneer in sigmoid vaginoplasty, Olmec is also a great plastic surgery Centre. I have seen some amazing Plastic surgery work by Dr. Kaushik from seeing and talking to other patients. The Great news is Olmec cosmetic and Transgender Centre is currently in the process of opening a larger Independent Centre, I believe in 2018. I can’t wait to join the Opening celebration of the new centre! After being here for a month, All I can say is”Thank you”!! And I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. you have given me a new life in a way.



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