Basic Information

Accommodation Basics

The patient rooms at our clinic are equipped for your convenience, your safety and with the purpose of ensuring an easy and quick recovery for you. All rooms include air condition, air purifiers, complimentary wifi, an independent power supply 24/7, TV and high-quality toilet paper. We will make sure to care for your dietary and menu needs as much as possible. We do have a selection of international foods and meals available for you, should the Indian style cuisine not suit your taste. To keep you hydrated well we provide natural, mineral enriched non-sparkling mineral water. One person accompanying you on your surgical trip can sleep in your personal bedroom as a complimentary bonus as long as you are at our clinic.


Our operating theatres are equipped with most modern medical equipment of the highest medical standard and quality. Our blood transfusions are multiple levels tested for all major viruses and bacterias and stem from only reputable and absolutely reliable medical sources.


We will arrange complimentary sightseeing patient group trips that you can join, whenever you are up for it after your SRS and/or FFS surgery. We will take you to places like the Taj Mahal, the Qutab Minar or the Red Fort.

We can also arrange an Indian astrology analysis session for you. Since your astrology the analysis is based on your date of birth and the latitude and longitude of the city you were born in, please make sure to have that data ready at hand when you think about having your very personal Indian astrology analysis done.

Red Fort, Delhi

Taj Mahal, Agra

Qutub Minar, Delhi

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