Testimonial – Aaryan

Date: 10-08-2019
Country: INDIA


This is Aaryan’s Mother, on behalf of him I am writing this. We had a very good experience with the Doctor and the entire hospital staff. 2 years back my son was operated in the earlier hospital, though that was a small one, still, we didn’t face any difficulty. This time in a new hospital and everything was so organized that I was thinking that we are in a new world. The kitchen and the lounge are the best part, very well planned. After coming here I feel like home.

However, it’s a hospital and the most important thing is the treatment. My son got the best treatment and also the Psychological support in this hospital.

Thanks to Dr. NARENDER KAUSHIK and his team. Keep helping the needy people.

Thank you.

(Aleya Banerjee, Mother)


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