Ranya Testimonial

Name : Ranya
Procedure : SRS, Voice Feminisation, Trachea Shape
Date : 04-07-2019
Country : South Africa


This letter serves to confirm that I am a parent who accompanied my daughter to Olmec clinic for the above procedures.

My experiences with the hospital was as follows:

  • Our communication with the hospital on making inquiries and making a booking was very professional and assuring. We had many fears about coming to a strange country but our fears were alleviated because we received feedback on our questions.
  • The hospital (clinic) is very clean. All needs are catered for to ensure a comfortable stay.
  • The nurses are friendly, hardworking, compassionate and very committed.
  • The cleaning staff is considerate, friendly and amazing.
  • The PR officers ensured that our stay is as comfortable and as close to home as possible.

In closure I would like to say that with most operations there are challenges but being at a hospital such as Olmec and having a Doctor such as Dr. Kaushik and his wife. Dr. Sunanda, most of our worries and fears were alleviated.

Sumayyah Sujee
(Mother of Patient)


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