Makarand Subhash Mahajan Testimonial

Name : Makarand Subhash Mahajan
Procedure : Forehead Feminisation & Rhinoplasty
Date : 19-07-2019
Country : India (Maharashtra)


Hi! Myself Makarand, I am 26 years old from Maharashtra. I am male (biologically) & having Post Graduation in Civil Engineering with a Government job as a sectional Engineer in Rural Water Supply department, Z.P. Jalgaon.

From childhood, as I know am 4-5 years old, I feel that I am girl not a boy, from childhood I wish to became girl. I live a girl life with wearing frocks, skirts and all… But… But… my choice is not appropriate as my biological gender… The problem is I am girl by my soul & boy by my body… Hence, the gender of my body not matches with its soul… and to live a life with this confusion makes big trauma in my life.

At age of 22, I completed my P.G and start my job. During job I meet many people…. Some are good…. Some are with weird nature…. Most of the people make fun of me in front or behind me…. I understand and know all the things but I am unable to do anything… After that I somehow know about sex reassignment surgery and procedures for male to female conversion and I search on internet for good clinic in India for this type of surgery. Then I came to know across “Olmec”. I get all information from Olmec Website & Youtube videos. One time I send email to olmec for enquiry and within 1 hour I got immediate reply from Olmec. They gave me all information and details by phone conversation as well as by email.

Then on 16th July 2018, first time I came to Olmec, Delhi to start my consultation and hormones therapy. I first time meet Dr. Narendra Kaushik and he gave me good support & confidence to go ahead for my journey, On 18th July 2018, I started my HRT as per endocrinologist consultation. From that day I felt so happy because I have started my journey to become complete me.

Today I complete my 1 year HRT and I pursue my forehead feminization surgery and Rhinoplasty from Olmec. My nose did not have good aesthetics and not suits to my face. Dr. Kaushik operated it very nicely and sharply. Hope it becomes beautiful. At Olmec, I feel the good experience All staff is very nice &n good-hearted. All the people care me a lot. I came here with my boyfriend. After surgery due to office work he went back to the work and I was alone here. At that time all staff including Dr. Kaushik & Dr. Sunanda cares me a lot. My every morning is start with good morning of sister having pleasant smile with injection & Drip bottle in her hands… even though I do not feel afraid of it. The Leena madam & their colleagues at reception take care of my daily food requirement. They all care me more than a patient but like their little sister. The smiling faces of all people feel me nice. I confident that now I complete myself.

The cleaning & housekeeping staff is very particular about their work. Not even a single stain I ever seen anywhere. I am from Maharashtra, 1124 km away from my home town but kitchen staff cares me about my daily meal, Khichadi or Daliya with a small amount of salt makes my day. Sisters of Olmec with the pink uniform is one of my favorite friends in Olmec. All the sisters are nice & caring. The Digital Nurse call System is a nice invention in Hospitality. I have ever seen anywhere. All rooms are good furnished & equipped with an A. C, Fridge, Toilet, Air Purifier, Furniture, Wardrobe. I stay here for 15 days but not even a single complaint is their about anything in Olmec.

Dr. Kaushik & Sunanda Madam meet & conversation with me most of the time. When I am getting bored T.V is there & sisters are there to feel me not alone. I experience very nice in Olmec. At Olmec I start my journey from Makarand to Meera & all are with me. I hope and pray to God all people at Olmec always be happy and stay blessed with health, prosperity and golden health as they have permanently.

Dr. Kaushik & Sunanda madam meet & conversation with me most of the time. When I am getting bored T.v is there & sisters are there to feel me not alone. I experience very nice in Olmec. At Olmec, I start my journey from

At last, I thank all the Staff of Olmec to become part of my journey and it is nice to meet them all.

Greetings to All
Thanking you
Makrand S. Mahajan
Jalgaon, Maharashtra
India – 425002


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