Dr Shivay Bachani

Name : Dr Shivay Bachani
Procedure : Srs Surgery FTM
Country : INDIA

From Dr. Saloni to Dr. Shivay

Today I want to share something very important regarding myself and hopefully, I can explain how much this means to me. It’s all about being a man. I am sure all of you have heard this tag ‘BE A MAN’ 1000 times in your life, some get this tag since birth but others have to fight to gain that…I FOUGHT AND I WON…I always looked at myself & asked what do u see staring back at you? The answer was obvious I saw a Man. I realized that every day I tried very hard to play a role which I don’t even belong. I knew that this was not just a phase I was going through all my life. I have tried hard to conceal my womanly features with each passing day but nothing changed and here m today “TRANSITIONING”. Of course, it is extremely difficult, expensive and tiring as well. The hardest part is that a lot of people don’t understand even don’t care to understand. Nobody likes to explain themselves all the time especially in the world as judgmental as ours just to prove who you are. So I decided to stop worrying about what everyone else around me thinks as 27 years was a long time to live a life and not to be completely true to yourself.

I want people to understand that just because something is different or new doesn’t mean it’s wrong or weird. I would rather want people to ask questions than assume what the answer would be. I also don’t want all of u to accept me out of pity. I request each and every individual to understand my decision and the process I have decided to put myself through to be who I am. I am not trying to act like anything I’m not, this is just me. And that’s why I decided to change my gender surgically because in the end, it’s more important to love yourself rather than being worried about everybody else. It would be an injustice if I don’t mention about my surgeon Dr. NARENDRA KAUSHIK. Thank you so much, sir, for being my surgical father because of u only m alive today. Eventually, now I can breathe confidently. It’s like the puzzle pieces are finally fitting together. Still, not a single day is stress-free and I have a bunch of obstacles to overcome and dysmorphia to face yet. But to be honest I feel a lot more like myself and that makes life more ecstatic. I know since last few months (infect almost a year) I have completely secluded myself from everyone but I did it just to find myself and now I have done that with pride.

Finally one message to society As a result of stigma, many people may be treated with disrespect, harassed or physically harmed by teachers, peers, strangers or even family members which is extremely hurtful. Not a single person can imagine how hard it is to face discrimination until they also pass through the same situation. I want people to understand it doesn’t matter what someone looks like if someone has guts to tell about their sexual orientation or regarding their gender dysphoria please believe them and be there for them because stereotypes need to be broken. It is helpful to remember that an individual’s affirmed gender identity is authentic to them, even it seems surprising to you. One thing is must to share with everyone that I know I took long time to go through this because I was sure as hell that success is the only answer to every question so it’s a request from my side that please make yourself that much capable that one has to think twice before raising their voice against you and that can only be achieved by education. Just believe in yourself nothing is impossible in life.

I hope I was able to express my message appropriately. I assure everyone that I am the same person whom you know since years. My gender won’t change me as a person n hope that won’t change my relationship with everybody else as well. But yes it’s completely your own choice to be with me or not. I have just changed my body not my soul and I think that should be enough for all. So I wish all of you will honor my new name that is DR SHIVAY BACHANI (ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON) and gender. I understand it will difficult for you at first but trust me you will find it easier with time.

Thank you so much for making me a part of your life.


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