Gender Correction Surgery Process | Cost in Sex Change Surgery

Sex Change Surgeries are very complex surgeries and Estimating Cost for the same is a difficult task. Although questioning about the cost of the male to female sex change surgery is the most common.

This Article is specially addressed to the question about Cost of Sex Change Surgery in Male to Female Transition. This Article does not in any way demonstrates the final price and cost of the transitioning from male to female. This is just the average calculation and cost analysis about the transition. The price of transition from Male to Female may differ for International Patients compared to the Indian Patient.

We will analyze the cost of each individual process in the transition.

Psychiatrist evaluations for Gender Dysphoria:

Sex Change Surgery Cost India

Before starting the transition process it is mandatory to get the “Gender Dysphoria” Diagnosis from a psychiatrist. Usually, an experienced psychiatrist will diagnose “Gender Dysphoria” in a single sitting and will clear you for the further treatment, but if required, there can be multiple sessions for the same. Single Session with a Good Psychiatrist will cost around 2000 – 3000 INR. Cost for Psychiatrist evaluation is different in different cities, the price mentioned above is for metro cities.

After the psychiatrist evaluation now it is time for Hormonal Therapy. Hormonal Therapy is again the important part of the transition process. Hormonal therapy is as essential as psychiatrist evaluation. After 6 months of HRT, you again have to visit the psychiatrist and one other mental health therapist for the clearance of the SRS Surgery, this two visits to the mental health therapist will cost you around 5000 INR.

Hormonal Therapy: Endocrinologist evaluation

Hormonal therapy in male to female and female to male transition necessary, before any procedure it is compulsory to have hormonal therapy prescription. Moreover, it is necessary that you take hormones for rapid transition. Before starting HRT you have to consult Endocrinologist, Cost visiting endocrinologist is around 1000 INR, Which is again different in different cities. You have to purchase the medicinal hormonal that are prescribed by an endocrinologist. The cost of purchasing hormones in Male to Female is around 2000 INR per month and for Female to Male, it is around 600 INR. In MtF and FtM transition, the minimum duration of hormonal therapy is 6 months. Once the Hormonal therapy is completed, you have to again visit the mental health therapist for the clearance of the surgery.

Continue reading about future articles on the Surgical cost involved in Sex Reassignment Surgery.


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