Testimonial – Ally

Name : Ally
Procedure : Sigma-Lead SRS
Date : 17-02-2017
Country : New Zealand


Choosing surgery is a big decision, and SRS is no exception. After years of researching, I finally came across an internationally respected surgeon from India. Dr. Narendra Kaushik, SRS is one of the important and difficult choices a trans woman will ever make. Personally, I considered a lot of things before proceeding to the surgery such as choosing the best surgeon. SRS Technique, Pre and Post-op caves, and cost. I chose Dr. Kaushik because I was impressed mainly with his technique and the positive feedback from the trans community. I have compared his sigmoid colon vaginoplasty to other surgeons and his technique is way above others.

I had my SRS successfully done on 22nd January 2018 The Olmec Cosmetic Surgery. Waking-up Post-Surgery I had a look of my neovagina and it is very close to a cis woman genitalia despite swelling around. I am one-month Post-Op at time of writing this review. My recovery was fast, on the 6-7 day I was already walking around and on my day 12th. I was discharged to my hotel.

Pre-operatively, the staff was very nice and hospitable. The floor manager (Richa) showed me around Delhi. We went shopping and she made sure I am well fed.

Post-operatively, the nurses were very caring. As a Registered Nurse myself, I received an internationally standard of care. Although there was a bit of language barrier they always check with Dr. Kaushik to ensure that I only get quality of care.

When I was discharged to my hotel, Miss Sunanda Kaushik was my lifetime. Even I was alone initially on my recovery. Miss Sunanda has been very helpful in ensuring that I am comfortable and all my concerns were attended to. She also arranged a complimentary trip to Taj Mahal with my boyfriend which was an amazing way to experience the country.

From consultation day to traveling back home, Dr. Kaushik has been very helpful and informative and covered all my questions. I felt his compassion and care towards helping trans women. I was a little unsure when approaching the building from the outside as to the quality of the facility, but once I was inside I was very impressed with how equipped the operating theatre was. Dr. Kaushik’s knowledge and skill are very advanced.

Overall, after one-month Post-Op, I am very happy with my progress and my neo-vagina looks absolutely aesthetically pleasant looking.

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