Testimonial – Mesh

Name : Ms Mesh (Name Changed)
Procedure : Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS
Date : 03-8-2017
IPD No : 2479
Country : UK


I Chose Olmec as the place for SRS based on a number of reasons. The first, and most important to me, was Dr. Kaushik and his technique. I tried to do as much research as possible and to me, sigma lead seemed to be the best choice. What led me this decision is the quick recovery, functional nature of the vagina and realistic cosmetic appearance. I made other enquiries and found that the price would be affordable too. Finally, I was greatly reassured when reading about Dr Kaushik’s experience with this and other Procedures. He comes across as someone whose true calling is the advancement of surgery itself; someone who has really moved things forward in the field More than anything it was this that led to my final decision. Rather than possibly paying a lot more to someone using outdated, unregined practices.

Once that was done I found the process of booking the surgery to be relatively straight forward. These were things I had to do such as blood tests, however, it was communicated in good time and in clear English.

I waited for the surgery date, got on a plane to New Delhi and was met by the clinic’s driver and the biggest ethical shock I have so far experienced, probably will ever experience! Heat, humidity, dust and dirt. Too much noise and traffic to think clearly until we reached Olmec. Once inside, it was calm. We were blessed and given tea and things finally felt right for the first time since landing.

A day later, I was admitted and had surgery the following morning. Since then it’s all been about the recovery. At times it’s been painful, and boring and stressful however I have never been alone. The quality of care has been outstanding from the sisters. They have always been kind, gentle and keen to fulfil every request. I have not wanted for anything from dishes, good, cleaning & hygiene. The little things they do standout; taking the time to chat on or to brush my hair when I couldn’t. I would like to mention Melody specially and Kim as two I got on particularly well with.

Away from the medical side of things my parents, who travelled with me, had difficulty with their original accommodation and needed to be moved at short notice. Olmec was of enormous help finding them another apartment and helping with some of the details. As well as practical things like taking my parent’s shopping. Minakshi was amazingly helpful for this. As mom was coming to see me Mr Gaur was great driving with us to all sorts of places reliably and safely through the impossible traffic in New Delhi. Also, thank you to Subodh Sharma for helping my parents with a no. of tech queries.

At the moment it’s too early to say what the outcome of the surgery will be. I can take heart in Dr Kaushik saying he is pleased and from first impressions, I can see why. I have sensation, swelling is going down already and everything seems to be working as it should. I am happy finally, and feel as if I have closed a door behind me. I won’t leave here the same person. I will leave here as who I should have been. She and I finally, fully absorbed into one another to create for the first time, a complete woman. I am me now, which is surely the point

For that alone, I would say it’s been a total success.

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