Testimonial – Oph Cole

Name : Ms OpH Cole (Name Changed)
Procedure : Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS / Facial Feminization / Breast Augmentation
Date : 14-07-2017
IPD No : 2453
Country : USA


When I first searched for a doctor, I was looking for functionality as well as looks. I found both at Olmec. My visit here has been marked with a consistent air of caring. I took a big leap of faith and have found that my trust has been put in a good place. I have been here for a month and a half having done 15 procedures during my stay. I have never been more vulnerable in my life but the staff has been there for me. They have treated me with kindness and respect. Dr Kaushik has done a wonderful job. I am leaving here with a new body and new friends.


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