Testimonial – Eddy

Name : Ms Eddy (Name Changed)
Procedure : SRS Correction All Over Lipo with Brazillian butt lift
Date : 27.1.2017
IPD No : 2250
Country : Serbia / Germany


I came to Olmec Clinic for SRS Correction with sigmoid colon, become my first surgery in Serbia with penile inversion was failed.

I arrived somehow scared due to my previous experience but after 2 minutes consultation with Doctor Kaushik, all my fear was like deleted. I felt that it is his passion to help us and make beautiful ladies of us, full of understanding, he doesn’t see us like other Doctors like Trans. He see us like real girls/women what we really are. Also, I was impressed that he was just reading my mind how the pussy and I should look without seen me ever before. He sees you and sees in you the beautiful women what he will create. Dr Kaushik is a perfectionist, I was fascinated when he said same day to me that he doesn’t want us self-remind every day when we look in the mirror that we are trans either that we are just normal girls with normal pussy. Also you have to look on his hands and fingers, I never in my life saw such gentle and smooth. He has hands like! ANGEL!

A few days later were my surgery. Everything was very smooth and without pain, and believe me, really I don’t know what pain is….

I passed gases stool and everything needed within 3 days and the 4 days. I was full make up stand up and got dilated. He made out of my 11 inch pussy unbelievable! 11-13 inch!… the Doctor himself and all his staff the Anesthesiologist Doctor , up to the housekeeper look at you like a baby.

Really everybody. The nurses are wonderful. They look at you on a human being and not on a patient. 7 days after sigmoid colon I was able to undergo a full body liposuction and body shaping + Brazil Buttlift…… Also wonderful everything with it.

The Doctor is the best, made my body and soul happy

Everybody who has the chance to come to him is a blessed and believe me I am very perfectionist and challenging ….. Everything he makes is just unbelievable PERFECT and WOW….

His own colon sigmoid method is wonderful .. You get a real vagina like you was born with outside and inside and in my case it was really a challenge…. Dilatation is if needed just in the first 1-2 months for few minutes what is also incredible.

Doctors wife Dr. Sunanda a very lovely person always look that you have everything and try to full fill you every special wish and to make your stay most comfortable as possible.

All in All I can just say to you OLMEC Clinic and Dr. Kaushik is the only one Worldwide for SRS!!!

I am so thank full for all………………………..

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