Testimonial- Priya | William

Name : Priya William, New York USA
Procedure : Penile Inversion and Sigmoid Colon Combination


Thanks to Dr. Narendra Kaushik after 45 years of waiting I transformed from “Priye” to “Priya” within 11 Days.

To be perfectly honest, I initially didn’t mean to do the surgery with Dr. Kaushik. My belief in the supernatural withstanding, faith brought me to Olmec Clinic the evening of July 12th.

Dr. Narendra Kaushik and his wife Dr. Sunanda made not only special accommodation for me but also tried to meet my many demanding request. I should feel ashamed really.

Now for the technical perfection:

Dr. Narendra Kaushik penile inversion / Sigmoid Colon combination for M T F is the best and the only one in the world so far.

That was the most reason I divert my mind at the last minute, and I am glad i did.

His technique is not yet known so I encourage you to ask questions and send the vines before making any decision for M T F surgery.

As for as I know, Dr. Kaushik technique is true only one that give the largest vaginal depth with least maintenance. Not to mention he guarantees the orgasms plus speedy recovery.

My many thanks to Dr. Narendra kaushik, Dr. Sunanda and the team at Olmec.

I am walking out of the door on 24th newly reborn in all senses.

Sigmoid colon and Penile inversion Combination

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