Testimonial- Betty Ann Archer

Name: Betty Ann archer
Procedure: Sex Reassignment Surgery
Date: 03/10/2015


I must thank Dr. Kaushik without an affordable option for Sex Reassignment Surgery, I would still be stuck in the awful in between state.

The clinic takes great care to see to your health and will not put you to risk.

It was worth it to travel half way around the world from the south western United States.

I am a Trans activist back in my own country and give talks at colleges and non- profit in New Mexico & colorado. This clinic is now going to become part of my presentation.

Dr. Kaushik and the entire staff at Olmec cosmetic surgery are wonderful and caring people and I will always member them.

This clinic is a very viable option to the high cost of SRS in the United States.

etty Ann Archer

Betty Ann Archer Testimonial srs
Betty Ann Archer with Dr Kaushik

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