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Why Gender Correction Surgery is Necessary !

Sexual identity is the core issue of human psychology. Gender identity poses a great embarrassment for transgenders and we can imagine the problems of a person who just keeps on struggling to find his own gender identity. They need a constant help and support in this venture of establishing their own selves so that they can integrate themselves into the society at the earliest as per their psychological need. The problem still gets exaggerated when they don't get enough expected support even from the basic supporting pillar, their own family, as well as society. By enlarge, lack of awareness about the gender identity disorder and absence of defined regulations in the society may be the main attributes for this. This puts a transgender (who is already in a constant internal conflict between body and soul) in a conflict with the society leading to hampered interactions and interpersonal relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

We understand the core need of an advanced skilled support system for transgenders at every level of their journey of becoming part of society with dignity.

Sex reassignment surgery (abbreviation SRS, also known as Gender affirmation surgery or Sex change operation) is conglomerate term used for all the surgical procedures which are carried out to alter a person's physical appearance and function to resemble to that of opposite sex. Other terms used for Sex reassignment procedure are Gender reassignment surgery, Gender Correction Surgery, Gender Confirmation Surgery.

The first step in path of treatment journey of a transsexual (both male to female or female to male) is to get the diagnosis of Gender Identity disorder also known as Gender Dysphoria. This diagnosis is done by a psychiatrist who specially deals in the field of Gender Dysphoria. Depending on the situation, you may be advised to go for psychological counseling for a certain period (usual period is 3 months to one year).

Once you are diagnosed as a case of Gender Dysphoria, Hormonal Therapy is instituted in accordance to Endocrinologist. Hormonal therapy in transgenders (transmen and tranwomen) is popularly known as HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy). Hormonal Therapy in FTM transgenders is also known as T (Testosterone) Therapy. After a certain period of hormonal treatment, sex reassignment procedures are carried out. The usual practice followed is as per WPATH standards, though the guidelines are quite flexible and vary individual to individual according to medical, social, financial and religious parameters.


You want to physically appear as the woman you always felt inside?

You want to be perceived as the woman you are by the people interacting with you?

You want to finally experience your sexuality and have sexual intercourse as the woman you are?

Then OLMEC‘s medical team around Dr. Narendra Kaushik is the place you have been looking for!

We are your one-stop-source for all your medical transgender needs.

We will turn your vision of you into a real-life experience.

We will will turn your dream of living every aspect of a feminine life into reality.

Find out which of our procedures will be the ones that will make your desire of living as the woman you are reality.

Our dedicated OLMEC surgeons, doctors and staff have been serving the transgender community for more than 14 years, with thousands of highly successful surgical procedures being carried out that literally have changed people‘s lifes.

We know from experience that you don‘t just seek surgery. We understand your needs and wants. We know that each transgender individual has her or his challenging history. We also offer female to male services.

Here at OLMEC you are warmly welcomed as the person you are and we will do our best to make your stay with us a memorable experience that will always put a smile on your face, whenever you think back.

OLMEC delivers world class lever surgery for an unrivaled price - contact us for your personalized quote on the procedures you want to make your dream come true - OLMEC - we care.

Male to Female Surgery

We Have Performed More Than 6000 Procedures Including Breast Implants, Vaginoplasties, Facial Feminization Procedures. Olmec Caters More Than 90% of Indian Transgender Community. Olmec is First Choice in India for International Transgenders.

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Female to Male Surgery

More Than 2000 Procedures Performed Including Top Surgery (Breast Removal), Phalloplasty, Scrotoplasty and Metoidioplasty. Olmec is the Leading Female to Male Transgender Surgery Institute in India. Olmec is First Choice in India for International Transgenders.

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Psychological Guidance

Olmec provides Psychological Guidance to patients having Gender Dysphoria and help them address the behavioral and emotional issues. At Olmec, We assist our patients and support them to accept the challenges regarding their Gender Correction Surgery

Hormonal Therapy

Receiving Hormone Replacement Therapy at Olmec targets to integrate patient's secondary Sexual features with Gender Identity. Patients go through Hormone Replacement Therapy prior to Gender Correction Surgery to allow transition to their Correct Gender

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Testimonial- Siobhan

Name :- Siobhan Procedure :- GCS, FFS & BA Date :- 14.03.2017  TESTIMONIAL Hi There, If you are reading this review then you are probably considering surgery with Olmec Hospital here in Delhi. I will write a review for you to assist you in making the

Proud Patients

  • I wanted affordable quality care from a highly experienced surgeon with high patient satisfaction from reference-able clients.

    Sue Pascoe Olmec The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute
  • Dr. Kaushik & the whole team showed me nothing but kindness & courtesy during my stay. The surgery result gives me great happiness.

    Wenn B Lawson Olmec The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute
  • I would like to recommend all my friends specially transgender like me. It’s a platform to make your dreams come true. I wish ‘OLMEC’ to touch the great heights.

    SAM / SIMRANJEET KAUR Olmec The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute
  • One of the world’s top most surgeons for the transgender community for so many reasons- 10/10

    Victoria Richardson Olmec The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute
  • Dr. Kaushik and the entire staff at Olmec cosmetic surgery are wonderful and caring people and I will always member them.This clinic is a very viable option to the high cost of SRS in the United States.

    Betty Ann Archer Olmec The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute
  • I’m here to say that Dr. Kaushik & his team are beyond amazing. For all the girls that get to share your special day here in New Delhi- You are going First Class! I cannot say thank you enough! The world definitely needs more Olmec Clinics & More Dr.’s like Dr. Kaushik – Beginning to end this journey is positive. -Thank you

    Jessica Olmec The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute

Know Us Well

Dr Narendra Kaushik

Dr Narendra Kaushik

Internationally acclaimed Plastic and Gender Correction Surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik is Founder of Olmec The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute With an experience of over 14 years.

 Transgender surgery world

Transgender Surgery World

Olmec is a prestigious place for Gender Correction Surgery along with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery for not just Indian Transgenders, but also for innumerable transgenders from across the globe.

Best Awards

Dr Narendra Kaushik is recepient of many prestigious awards for best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in India. One of them coming directly from the President of India SMT. Pratibha Patil (Now Former)