Metoidioplasty Surgery

Metoidioplasty is the term used for the procedure of converting clitoral tissue into penile shape. The patients who don’t want to opt for complete phalloplasty with free flap (usually owing to complexity and cost factor involved), can opt for metoidioplasty. The clitoris gets enlarged under the influence of testosterone hormonal therapy. The enlarged clitoris is released and elongated to give a penile shape. The tissue is erotic and sensate and develops erections, though length is not sufficient for sexual intercourse (length is only one or two inches). Metoidioplasty does satisfy the process for most of documents.

Duration of Procedure: 1 -2 hrs. You may go home on the same day, though if you wish you may stay overnight.

Anesthesia: GA or local with sedation.

Recovery Time: Back to work in 2- 5 days. Strenuous activities in 4-6 weeks.

Longevity of Results: Permanent.

Recognised by International Institutes