Transition RoadMap

Where to go from here?

So you know where you came from and what your story is! You accepted that you are as normal as can be – you simply had to find out that you are a transgender individual, but now you know!

And now you are on your way to transition from transgender individual to transsexual individual. The difference is, that a transsexual individual has surgical procedures performed to align the body with the appropriate mindset

Now questions like these might pop up in your mind:

  • What can I do to travel my road ahead as soon as possible?
  • Are there any kind of documents or requirements that I have to meet to get what I want?
  • Where can I go to get the treatments that I want?
  • How quickly can I reach that place of feeling whole, to finally be at peace with myself in mind and body?

You can calm down, take a deep breath and read on.
We collected all the information you want already.
Just look at our step-by-step guide and you will know what to do and when to do it, based on WPATH guidelines. The WPATH SOC‘s (Standards of Care) are flexible guidelines which were created to help with the treatment of transgender individuals worldwide. Being guidelines and recommendations, these standards of care are implemented in various different ways by countries all over the world, very much depending on how each country‘s society accepts and perceives transgender people.
We will explain theses steps to you now, so this upcoming process can be easy and convenient for you.


Your transition process starts by choosing a qualified psychiatrist.
He will be of utmost importance because he is the one that will recognise if you are a transgender person or not. He will talk to you and evaluate your experiences and the way you feel about yourself. He will know how many challenges you have faced throughout your life to come to the point that you seek help in aligning your body with your mind.
Also, he will make sure that there are no underlying mental health issues present, which could have a negative impact on your transition or on your overall well-being.

Whenever your psychologist is sure about you being transgender, he will refer you to an endocrinologist who will help you to begin with the second step on your path.
He will still be by your side along the way to give you psychiatric guidance and to be of help to you whenever issues or challenges cross your way. Your psychiatrist will help you find solutions whenever there is the need for it. Consider your psychiatrist a friend and an ally on your way to transition.


Your endocrinologist is the person who will make sure you get proper cross-gender hormone therapy or HRT for short. This means, he will prescribe you hormones of the opposite sex, which your body doesn‘t produce in the amounts needed to make you feel comfortable with the body gender you currently have. It will also help lower the quantities of hormones your body has been producing so far to give your body the shape and appearance that feels so wrong for your mind.
Your endocrinologist will discuss with you the possibilities of HRT that is right for you. You can choose from basic HRT, regular HRT, and progressive HRT treatment plans. The difference being the effects the HRT will have on your body and mind.
The basic HRT has a low impact on you, whereas the progressive HRT‘s effect will be quite powerful. The core hormones for male to female HRT (MtF) are estrogen and progesterone. The core hormone for a female to male (FtM) HRT is testosterone.
The MtF hormones estrogen and progesterone will effectively lower body hair growth and begin fat redistribution on hips, legs and the face including breast budding. To get rid of facial hair the patient will have to go for laser epilation, which we perform with a high-quality IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser epilation system at OLMEC. This is necessary because hormones are of no effect in reducing hair growth in the face.
Some transgender women want to have orchiectomy (removal of the testes) with the beginning of HRT because then testosterone blockers are superfluous. But this only applies if the transgender patient is sure of her way and that she is absolutely aware of what this step means for the remainder of her life. The FtM hormone estrogen is very powerful. It will cause the breaking of the voice, start facial and body hair growth, it will create general muscle growth, also male hair patterns might evolve, your facial expression will change and your sex drive will go up.
With your endocrinologist‘s prescription, you will go to your pharmacist who will fill in the prescription and you will start HRT, which is one of the most anticipated moments in a transgender person‘s life because you will react in a very positive emotional way, once you begin HRT.
Here in-house pharmacy at Olmec we favour injections over pills whenever possible, since the long term effect of pills on the liver and kidney are a potential risk for the transgender individual‘s health and safety.

Should that not be the case you want to be thoroughly interrogating yourself and ask yourself if transitioning is really the direction you want to head for in your life.


We here at OLMEC advice to got for appropriate gender-confirming surgeries as soon as possible after the 3 month HRT treatment period. The reason for that is quite simple: HRT has an effect on the body tissues and
depending on your kind of HRT it might pose limitations on how we can perform your GCS/SRS if you have been doing HRT for a longer period of time. Here at OLMEC we keep track of your medical treatments and should you not
be with us, you will be wise to do that yourself. Collect copies of all referral letters, indication papers and prescriptions you get so you can document your medical history when it comes to surgeries and name change and legal status change.

The reason for doing so is simple:
You will need 2 medical indication writings/ 2 referral letters from 2 mental health specialists:
One of the specialists has to be a psychiatrist, the other one can also either
be a different psychiatrist or a psychologist.
As soon as you have completed the 3 month HRT therapy and you have 2 independent referral letters/ indication letters you can go for any, some or all of the gender-confirming surgeries.
In addition, if it is a must in your home country, please bring a spouse release form or NOC (No Objection) form of your spouse, which states, that she or he agrees with the transgender individual undergoing gender confirmation surgery.
It is also required that the patient has undergone some real life test of moving in society as the gender the transgender individual identifies with before the transgender individual gets any kind of gender confirmation surgery.

MtF individuals will be deciding which of the gender-confirming surgeries will be right for them:

The first 3 main gender-confirming surgeries might be done in about 4 weeks, provided you are healthy and non-smoking individual and you pass our clinical tests for doing so.

Further procedures like buttock enhancement surgery and liposculpting can also be performed alongside.

FtM individuals will be deciding which of the gender-confirming surgeries will be right for them:

Here at OLMEC, it is possible to go through STEP 1 and STEP 2 in 24 hours, on the same day! Since we have all specialists at our fingertips, we can provide this very convenient and efficient service for you.
Simply contact us so we can arrange your Double-STEP consultation if you wish to do so.
But whenever you come in contact with OLMEC and all its specialists – be it at the beginning or somewhere along your transitional path – we can promise one thing: our experts will make sure you as our patient will get some of the safest, proven and reliable treatment available for you today.

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