Miss Transgender UK 2015

OLMEC Transgender Surgery Institute Is Pleased To Announce Its Sponsorship of Miss Transgender UK 2015

New Delhi, September 25, 2015

OLMEC Transgender Surgery Institute, Delhi, India is pleased to announce it’s sponsorship of Miss Transgender UK 2015 through the donation of a voucher for free gender correction surgery.

The recipient of this donated medical treatment will be one of the lucky ladies participating in Miss Transgender UK 2015. The final of Miss Transgender UK 2015 is being held at EGG London on Sunday 27 September.

At a time when the average wait for such treatment on the UK’s NHS is 5.5 years and many Transgender people attempt suicide before getting the medical treatment they need we hope our donation will make a difference to at least one person’s struggle to become their authentic selves.

To be eligible for this free medical treatment the recipient must:-

  • give their informed consent in advance and in writing and this consent must be certified by a magistrate or another person of similar standing
  • complete a medical needs assessment and only procedures required medically will be undertaken and for the avoidance of doubt no elective cosmetic procedures are covered by this donation of medical treatment
  • be diagnosed suffering from Gender Dysphoria
  • have two independent psychiatrists attest to the recipient being of sound mind and the medical need for any procedure
  • obtain the consent of their spouse if married
  • be medically fit to receive the treatment
  • comply with the requirements of Indian law for such procedures

The medical treatment will be undertaken at our clinic in Delhi, India. The costs of one return trip to India are included in the donation.

Racheal Bailey, organiser of Miss Transgender UK 2015 said:- “All the ladies participating in Miss Transgender UK 2015 are very pleased to have the support and sponsorship of OLMEC The Premier Transgender Surgery Institute.”

Sue Pascoe, one of our UK clients who had successful gender correction surgery with us in March 2015, will present our donation voucher at the finals of Miss Transgender UK in London.

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