Testimonial- Siobhan

Name : Siobhan

Procedure : GCS, FFS & BA
Date : 14.03.2017


Hi There,

If you are reading this review then you are probably considering surgery with Olmec Hospital here in Delhi. I will write a review for you to assist you in making the decision to have your surgical procedures done by one of the best if not the best surgeons in the world.

After researching for a surgeon for months or end I decided to travel to the other side of the world to have the brilliant Dr. Narendra Kaushik complete my procedures. Dr. Kaushik did my Gender Confirmation Surgery, FFS & my Breast Augmentation. I stayed with the team at Olmec for 1 month to allow the Dr. to observe my recovery (Please make sure you stay long enough, your proper recovery is imperative).

You will be taken care of completely ranging from being picked up from the airport to being constantly given the best care by the nursing staff.

Experience /Stay at Olmec : 10/10

Nothing to fault here, you are cared for 24/7 and will not want for anything. The Dr. will make daily rounds to make sure you are ok and on top of his surgical expertise he actually cares about each and every one of his patient. Dr. Kaushik’s Wife & the nursing staff are amazing and will have you at ease at all time.

Procedure :

Full GCS – 10/10

Minimal pain awesome results. I might be bias but my result is the best Dr. Kaushik has done ha!ha!. I received a beautiful result with 12-13 inches depth which leads me to wonder why people still choose the incompetent penile inversion method. My lady parts are fully functioning & dilation is a breeze. Olmec is the only place ppl should go for GCS/SRS. It is Dr. Kaushik’s own method ‘Sigma lead’ SRS and is above any other method I have see. There is no smelly discharge, there is a small bit of bloating due to the scar on the belly but it is hardly noticeable.

Breasts :- 10/10

These hurt me the most only because of the incision under the arm, however, I am huge baby when it comes to pain.

FFS: 10/10

Best decision I ever made. Considering cost & the top notch results I received, I have no regrets, only that I wish Dr. Kaushik was situated in my country. My brow bossing disappeared & my hair transplant is going to have me looking like model.

If you are considering surgery, do not pass Dr. Kaushik. My experience here is number 1, I have no complaints and you would be making a huge mistake if you go with any other surgeon.

I am 26 years old & my life is just beginning because of Dr. Kaushik & his team.

Thanks so much Dr. I will be seeing you again at the end of the year.

Kind regards,

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