Required documents for Sex change Surgery | Transgender Surgery


To undergo surgery with OLMEC you will have to provide us with a number of important documents, Otherwise your desired surgeries will not be performed.

Special documents listed below are needed by OLMEC Clinic to have GCS/SRS, FFS and voice feminization

You will provide us with those documents via email 6 weeks before surgery at the latest. This way, we can make sure they are acceptable by our administration department, so you are eligible for your desired surgery/ surgeries.

We created the document with checkboxes so you can check the appropriate box, to make sure all required documents are attached and included in your email.

  1. Scan or copy of your passport, clearly readable.
  2. Copy/ receipt of your flight ticket with local (Indian) arrival and departure times.
  3. Proof of at least 3 months of HRT (hormone therapy). This can be done via an endocrinologist report, an HRT status or a letter of indication for HRT by your psychiatrist.
  4. Psychiatrist/ psychologist referral letter. In accordance with WPATH guidelines, we require one referral letter from your psychiatrist or psychologist from your home country, confirming that any form of GCS (Gender Confirmation Surgery) is the recommended form of treatment in your case. Should you have 2 referral letters from two different experts you are welcome to use them here in India, please just make sure that they are written in English. In case you have 1 referral letter from your home country, the 2. referral letter will be arranged for here in Delhi, by our local experienced psychologist.