Before and After Vaginal Depth Demonstration-1

26-year-old MtF patient from Singaporeafter4 Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS

  • This case shows an excellent result of an MtF patient from Singapore, achieving aesthetically pleasing genitalia with an 8 inches deep vagina using Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS
  • The pictures were taken two years after surgery when the patient returned for her FFS/FGC
  • The patient followed the dilation schedule for an initial six months and no longer needs dilation and enjoys normal sexual intercourse
  • Overall the patient is quite pleased with genitalia that are of female appearance and which are fully functional and sensate


Dilator before insertion, well defined labia and the clitoral complex can be seen


Dilator inserted halfway, by parting the labia majora, the inner hairless labia minora and normal sized clitoris underneath the clitoral hood are clearly visible


Dilator inserted fully, assessing vaginal depth